God’s Spirit led me to repent from finding peace and grace in the wrong places

Using the CrossView Church LA DNA Unit Gospel-Centered Bible Heeding Sheet God pressed 2 Thess 1.1-2; 3.16-18 on me hard. God’s Spirit led me to repent from finding peace and grace in the wrong places. I was looking for peace in what I and CrossView Church LA accomplishes in discipling and church planting. I didn’t functionally believe that Jesus Christ and his cross was enough for peace. I believed my work would give me peace. I believed grace came from past bible knowledge and continuing to move, move, move with responsibilities. I believed the grace that would come via the Word was unnecessary for me and not only have I lived on decayed grace but I have spurned and dishonored the guiding and heart-calibrating grace I need in the morning for each day’s work.

I see I have not been grace-explicit in driving CrossView to peace in Christ as they go make disciples. Some who feel the tension of discipling under the commission are looking for peace by fulfilling their responsibilities and not by going to the Lord of peace who gives peace always and in every way and personally abides with us (2 Thess. 3.16).

God is good to me in Christ by his Spirit in leading me by helping me Discover what he’s saying, nurturing the grace in my heart, and calling me to action. (That’s what DNA stands for).

For more on DNA look at our church’s page on it. For the worksheet template you can find it on this blog.


About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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