Current Prayer Requests

I need prayer because I need God’s grace, power, and active working in my life! Please pray for me to our Father in the name of his Son our Lord Jesus.

Here are my current prayer requests as of 1/9/15.

For me:

  1. To play with my kids everyday. Everyday.
  2. Wisdom to patiently and humbly serve and lead my church family.
  3. To grow in devotion to personal and private prayer.
  4. To share the gospel with non-Christians personally every week.

For my family:

  1. Strength for my wife to serve the children well.
  2. For the salvation of our children and for us to gospelize them together and individually regularly
  3. For the development of their minds in education through school.

For First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower

  1. For our preaching series on Mark 1-4 in the morning and 1 John in the evening.
  2. For heart transformation from the Word to unite us around the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. For deepening of love and friendships among the church family.
  4. For good practices to remain and grow and for bad or less healthy practices to be done away with in God’s timing.

For serving outside the home/local church:

  1. The Gospel Coalition Los Angeles has an EQUIP Meeting on January 27, 2015.

6 Responses to Current Prayer Requests

  1. erwin arevalo says:

    PJ & Frances,

    We prayed for your family last night in Torrance. I thank God you found a place. Keep on keeping my brother!!

    Erwin & Cherry

  2. Steve Cabrillos says:

    Prayed for you today man! Excited to hear how the Lord grows you this year and uses you to see people know Him for His glory!


  3. Dio Portugal says:

    Hi Pastor PJ, thanks for sharing all that God is doing. You are an encouragement, as you pursue our Lord in all things. How is Rock?

  4. Any updated prayer requests?

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