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I am a Christian, I was saved in 1989.

I am a husband who is happily married since June 25, 2005.

I am a father to 1 son and 3 daughters since 2013, beginning with my son in 2006.

Currently, I’m the pastor of First Southern Baptist Church in Bellflower, a city in the Southeast Los Angeles County.

I’ve served on the pastoral staff of Christian Fellowship Bible Church from May 2002 to December 2007 (5 and 1/2 years), directly in charge of preaching to and overseeing the student ministry (College, high school, and jr. high ministry) and later on the leadership training of the church along with being in the regular Sunday preaching rotation.

From January to May 2008, I was a pastoral intern at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C. I spent my time reading, reflecting, writing, and discussing the church (the doctrine of the church, a theology of church ministry, evaluating church polity, practice, and mentalities, etc.). I also had the privilege of being a member at the church with all the joys and responsibilities of a faithful church member, as I learned about biblical church ministry by being immersed in the life of a healthy congregation.

From 2008-2014, I was privileged to pastor CrossView Church in Los Angeles, a church that disbanded in in October 2014.

I graduated from The Master’s College with a B.A. in Biblical Studies in 2002 and The Master’s Seminary with an MDiv in 2006. I’m currently accepted at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for a DMin in Biblical Theology scheduled to start in the summer of 2015 Lord-willing.

Theologically, I am an evangelical in agreement with the Together for the Gospel Statement, The Confessional Statement of The Gospel Coalition, and The Cambridge Declaration. More importantly, Christ and the gospel are central to my thinking, joy, and purpose for life.  First Southern Baptist  Church’s statement of faith, which is the most important one in knowing what I believe, can be found at our church’s website.

To contact me you can leave a comment on this blog page or email me at pj@fsbcbellflower.org.

To pray for me check out my current prayer requests.

To support our gospel ministry, since our family still depends on outside support, give online or by check.

To know why I blog, check out this post on 6 reasons why pastors should blog.

Find me on: Facebook | Twitter | First Southern Baptist Church

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25 Responses to About Me

  1. Scott says:

    HI there (from down under Australia)
    I really appreciate your website and its great resources! I noticed that you are still thinking through eschatology – can I recommend two books
    – ‘According to Plan’ – Graham Goldsworthy (anything by this guy is gold as his name suggests)
    – ‘The case for A-millenialism’ Kim Riddlebarger


  2. pjtibayan says:

    Thanks Scott. I really appreciate it. I’ve read According to Plan and most of Goldsworthy’s works and that is what made me rethink my understanding of eschatology. I know he is an Amillenialist as he said in his book on the Gospel in Revelation. I have the Kim Riddlebarger book. He is a pastor not too far from where I live. One of the members of his church who is a family friend gave me the book. I’ve yet to read it. That is one of the doctrines I plan on working through this year if the Lord wills.

    Thanks for your encouragement with the resources. May Christ be treasured.


  3. Hi there,

    I praise God first for the work you are doing, the web is simply great resource. I’m a christiam ministry student graduating on june 16 2007 from temple baptist college Cincinnati,ohio. And God willing i will be doing my OPT where ever the lord leads me

    I have a desire God has laid it on my heart, that is to take people who are comitted to the work of the ministry to India, where so many millions need to hear the gospel.

    So pray about it and let us know if you or any of your friends, church members are intrested ina missions trip to India. If you get some time please do vist our web site.

    India needs ministers like you to spread the gospel.
    In His service

  4. Spurgeon says:

    Grace to you,

    First of all i would like to thank my professor DR.NEWTON BUSH a great scholar and a great man of God who impacted my life thru his teachings. And he also introduced me to this blessed site

    I’m blessed by your site and the work you are doing. May the good LORD bless you and use you mightly in the days and years to come

    In HIm
    Temple Baptist College,Cincinnati,ohio

  5. PJ! Wonderful resources here! So enjoy the opportunity to partake of the Word as it’s soundly handled by Carson.

    Thank you so much for laboring to put all these resources together!

    Praying for you and yours as you look to continue your education someday, and as to now labor in the Gospel.


    Matthew Morizio

  6. JG says:

    HI! Do you have any links or comments on Dr. Robert Morey? His book “Studies In The Atonement” is very good.

  7. Dear Bro.Tibayan,

    Greetings from Ozamiz City, Philippines!

    Thank you for listing STUDENT MISSIONARY OUTREACH (SMO) as one of
    your links in your blog.

    May i know who introduce you to the ministry of SMO?

    Our new address is:



    Bring them in
    Build them up
    Send them out

  8. Oscar Villa says:

    I found your collection of D. A Carson mp3s. I am a Carson fan myself. I don’t think he likes having fans though. Your name sounds Filipino. Are you a Filipino? I have Filipino friends who are TMS grads.

  9. Dan says:

    Great site.
    Keep lifting His name!

  10. Roger Antonini says:

    Great Site: P.S. You may want to change your testimony to say, I came to faith in Jesus Christ in 1989, but that you were saved “in Christ, on the cross somtime around 33 A.D., and in the mind of God, in eternity past. It is because of “Him” that you are “in Christ Jesus”, and this not of yourself, but the gift of God.

    God, Bless

  11. I enjoyed browsing your site. Good resources.

  12. Philip says:

    Hi PJ,

    I am from India and migrated to New Zealand in 2005.After hearing Dr.Carson in Hamilton last month I was searching for his sermons and came upon your site. I also found some links to Keller. Your site is so precious.
    My eschatological view is quite confused. Though I am MacArthur fan I tend more towards historical premillennialism. I believe G.E.Ladd has written quite extensively on this view. Like you I am also reading According to Plan. I have also in my shelf ‘Revelation four views by Steve Gregg’ for quite some time. No time. Keep your good work.

  13. Hey PJ,

    It is a wonderful site. Strong commitment to the Word, clear vision from the Lord and huge amount of time are needed to develop such site. Especially you have provided all that I need to get closer to Don Carson, one of my favourite authors. I have read many of his books and articles, yet none of his sermons. So you understand why I’ve been blessed by your site. May God be glorified!

    In Christ,
    Yakub TH

  14. Will Thomas says:

    This is Will Thomas, fellow grad of TMS, North Carolinian, and respector-at-a-distance at your diligence in the Scriptures during some of our classes at TMS (I’m a friend of Rick Zaman). I have jogged through your blog and found it helpful. Thanks. Working to build my theology I am preaching through Mark’s gospel in church and have run head long into the challenges in chpt 13. Do you have any good articles to point me to? I’ve read the classic dispy view, RT France’s exegesis, and Ladd.

    Blessings to you.

  15. James Dolezal says:

    Hi PJ,
    Thanks for the resources on your site. It’s good to hear what the Lord is doing with you these days. I had another friend (Peter Hess) who also did the internship at CHBC and testifies that it was a great blessing. I am one of your fellow Master’s College and Seminary alum who also ended up outside of the dispensational camp. On the eschatology matter just keep reading Geehardus Vos (“The Pauline Eschatology”) and Herman Ridderbos (esp. the first 100 pages of his “Paul” book). Also, you should read Richard Gaffin’s “Resurrection and Redemption” for an eschatological persepctive on soteriology. Even if you do not end up amil those authors will give a much broader and more global perspective on eschatology than any dispensational authors I know of. Every blessing as you pursue the Lord’s work in his Church.
    Your friend,

  16. Rehrer says:

    PJ, It has been a long time brother. I wanted to find a sermon by DA Carson on the intratrinitarian love of God and stumbled upon your site. It is great to see updates on the fam. Keep up your strong work and commitment to Him.
    -Matt Rehrer

  17. Ruben Supan says:

    Hi PJ,

    I found your website after Pastor Aboi Del Mundo told me about you. I’m a medical doctor but i’m slowly being enticed to devote my life to the ministry. I was converted via the ministry of Grace To You of John Macarthur.

    But oh boy, i’m so glad that you are rethinking your eschatology. Used to be, i believed everything Macarthur believed but my readings have broadened my perspective over and above dispensationalism. I’m so glad you gave Pastor Aboi, the books, According to Plan and Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture, and the Kingdom Trilogy.

    I also planned before attending The Master’s Seminary but I plan now to attend Westminster Seminary in California, if the Lord wills. Hope to see you sometime as i heard you’d be here in the Philippines this August.

    God bless.

  18. pjtibayan says:


    Thanks for sharing about where you’re at. I’m glad you are enjoying the Goldsworthy books I gave to Pastor Aboi. If you attend The Master’s Seminary then maybe we could spend some time serving the city of L.A. with the gospel. If Westminster, it would be good to meet you still.

    I won’t be in the Philippines in August (as far as I know) and don’t know why you heard that.

    In Christ,

  19. God bless your ministry. I love the resources. I will keep your family in prayer so that God may continue to strengthen you and your wife on this journey. A fellow sister in ministry..hailing from New York City!

    God Bless!

  20. robert pruitt says:

    here’s my annual bible reading plan/Users/robert/Desktop/BIBLE READING PLAN 2010 FINAL PDF.pdf

  21. jonah says:

    am so happy for u pastor, God Bless u for the Work u are doing in the LA Area,
    God Bless

  22. Raafiel says:

    Nice blog. Yeah, so, my last message was about what your wife said about the Bible, God’s word, and our limited understanding. She said that as far as she knows, there shouldn’t be any contradictions in the Bible and God’s word. And also Louie once said that not everything makes sense in the Bible (I’m not sure if he still believes that, and your wife and Louie clearly have opposing views on this matter). And lastly, you were using logical reasoning in our last conversation. So what I want to know is 1. Why does your wife still believe in the Bible when she says that there shouldn’t be any contradictions in it, when there clearly is…let me explain…Christians say God is infinite and Jesus is God, Jesus existing in a human being clearly says that he is finite because he went the sleep, the bathroom, ate, and most of all he died. Now to say one is the other is clearly a contradiction. 2. Why does Louie say not everything makes sense in the Bible…don’t you think it should? 3. You’ve used logical reasoning in our last conversation and I’m sure you use it on a daily basis as well, so now, as I state and explain this argument about a contradiction in the Bible or what most Christians believe…will you use logic when you think about it and reply back to me?

    P.S. Saying God is an infinite being and Jesus, a human (it won’t matter if you say he is half god), is God, is undoubtedly and undeniably a contradiction when you use your limited logical reasoning…and I’m sorry, but I have to say, if you don’t see this as a contradiction then you are clearly not using your logic that God gave you and it would certainly show that you choose to ignore a truth.

    Thanks for your time Pastor,

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