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Mark of a Healthy Church: Expository Preaching

Mark of a Healthy Church: Expository Preaching  A healthy church is a church that hears God speak from his Word and trusts in it. That is why a healthy church must be committed to expository preaching. By “preaching” we mean … Continue reading

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3 Reasons to Consider our Trials Great Joy – a James 1:2-4 CrossView Sermon

Earthly wisdom would consider trials great pain, great sadness, great depression, or great discouragement. Earthly wisdom says avoid trial and don’t consider them joy because other people don’t have the trials you do (bitter envy, 3:14). Don’t consider trials joy … Continue reading

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A thought on God and man imaging God in Genesis 1

Today I was browsing Genesis 1 thinking about what God was trying to say to me and the world through this text. I wanted to know how I would approach expositing this chapter. As I thought about it a few … Continue reading

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Help for Preachers: Setting Your Preaching Schedule for the Year

This post is reproduced in full written by Mark Driscoll and published on the Acts 29 Network blog. It’s been up and down and hard to find, so I reproduce it here for myself and others: In light of the … Continue reading

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Help to Pray More Thoughtfully for Your Pastors

Tony Reinke has a good post encouraging Christians to pray for pastors. Pastors… face a relentless repetition of pastoral responsibilities that come each week and culminate on Sunday struggle to rightly divide Scripture with every sermon strive to withstand the … Continue reading

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