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A Sermon on Knowing Jesus preached on 4/11/10 to CrossView Church LA

  How can you know that you really and truly know Jesus? Some people claim to know Jesus, others claim they don’t know him nor care. But of those who say they know him, they often say they believe in … Continue reading

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Is your faith in Christ real? Examine yourself with these 2 Lists

In light of the fact that we’re covering James 2:14-26 at CrossView Church tomorrow, I wanted to post these lists for our members and friends. The two lists that distinguishes saving faith from dead/damning faith [1] Stuff that neither prove … Continue reading

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Jesus the Messiah, The Gospel According to Mark

John prepares the way for Jesus John baptizes Jesus and the Father speaks while the Spirit descends Jesus is led by the Spirit to be tempted in the wilderness Jesus proclaims the gospel in vv.14-15 – this seems to summarize … Continue reading

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A Good Example of Playing Sports Hard with Jesus as King

Sort of related to my post on Friday regarding sports and idolatry, here’s a good example of Jesus as King as you play basketball at the highest level and what matters most in life. How do you play hard without … Continue reading

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Fear Not: Eminem vs. The Old Testament

Eminem recently had a hit song that carried many of the same themes as what I recently preached on Haggai 2:1-9 recently at CrossView Church: (Intro): Yeah, It’s been a ride… I guess I had to go to that place … Continue reading

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