City Groups (CrossView Church LA Sermon Series)

Prayers for the series (the 8 sermons are below these requests):

  1. That people would move to Los Angeles within a mile of Shatto Recreation Center
  2. That people would downsize their lives and people would give more for the kingdom
  3. That people would engage neighbors, family members, and friends in gospel conversations this month
  4. That city groups would be re-formed and strengthened with a missionary mindset as if they all got up and moved to Bangladesh to plant a church for gospel witness in that international and foreign context – cutting ties and strings to their old life in ways that keep them from being about the missional task
  5. That we would deepen as a community of grace and a community of holy commissional obedience at the same time and not self-righteous missionaries or lazy and complacent grace junkies
  6. That Shatto people would hear the gospel and have deep friendships with a variety of CrossViewers to plant our roots deep into this community as an urban gospel witness
  7. That every member would be engaged as pursuing others for edification or unbelievers (or the members that are not pursuing others are being pursued and not falling in a crack)

Gospel Person – Luke 9.23-27 – Kill Yourself and Take Action (8/4/13)

Gospel Power – Romans 5.6-11 – God’s Love Saves (8/11/13)

Gospel Purpose – God’s New World (8/18/13)

Gospel People – Who Do You Think You Are? (8/25/13)

Gospel Practices (Part 1) (9/8/13)

Gospel Practices (Part 2) (9/15/13)

Why City Groups? (9/22/13)

The Fellowship of the Christian – Hebrews 3.12-19 (9/29/13)

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