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John Frame Critiques Biblical Theologians

John Frame critiques biblical theologians. Well, not really. He critiques the students who overstate what their biblical-theologian teachers have taught them. Those who are teaching Biblical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary or at Moore College, for example, would never say … Continue reading

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Sam Storms on the practice of New Testament Prophecy today

I’m not sure I agree with this view, but I appreciate the attempt to be biblically robust and discerning in the practice of his view of prophecy: Guidelines for Prophetic Ministry in Small Groups Guidelines for the Public Expression of … Continue reading

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What does the Paraclete (Holy Spirit) do according to John 14-16?

“…the Holy Spirit, as prosecuting attorney, exposes the sin of the world. He helps the believers in their witness, and strengthens and comforts them by his presence. He further explains the significance of Jesus’ person and ministry, functioning as the … Continue reading

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What is Liberal Theology?

Kevin DeYoung blogged on this and quoted Gary Dorrien, an Episcopal Priest, a professor at Union Theological Seminary: Fundamentally it is the idea of a genuine Christianity not based on external authority. Liberal theology seeks to reinterpret the symbols of Christianity … Continue reading

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Why are the Biblical writers so comfortable saying God controls and plans everything, even sin and saving faith while we are so uncomfortable with the thought?

Why are the Biblical writers so comfortable saying God controls and plans everything, even sin and saving faith while we are so uncomfortable with the thought? John Frame gives 5 answers, here’s his 5th: “Scripture is therefore not nearly as … Continue reading

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Does God control EVERYTHING? Do humans have free will (real choices)? Compatibilism briefly defined

D. A. Carson states the Bible’s truths on this issue with two non-negotiable statements that must be affirmed as true (in the first sentence): In the Bible, God’s utter sovereignty does not diminish human responsibility; conversely, human beings are moral … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be “born again”? (Regeneration)

“Regeneration is a sovereign act of the Holy Spirit which monergistically transforms a child of the devil into a child of God, and which necessarily results in a life of repentance and faith being subsequently manifest in that individual.” – … Continue reading

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The Message of the Bible in One Sentence

Here’s my attempt: God is saving and will save his people and creation from sin and death in the Messiah Jesus, so turn away from your sin and trust in the Lord Jesus and you receive a place among his … Continue reading

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Mark Dever Interviews Greg Beale on Biblical Theology

9Marks leadership interview: Greg Beale gives a crash course on the discipline of biblical theology, assesses recent works on it, and explains what he’s written and why. This was one of my favorite 9Marks interviews. I enjoyed the lightning round … Continue reading

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Why do you believe the Bible is God’s Word without error?

Here’s Jim Hamilton’s answer. What is inerrancy and is it essential to Christian belief? Don Carson answers in this video on The Gospel Coalition website. (More info: Read the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy to know what is meant and … Continue reading

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