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John MacArthur’s Practical Advice on Your First Years of Pastoral Ministry

9Marks and Mark Dever recently did a conference called, “The First Five Years” instructing and encouraging pastors on their first years in a new pastorate or church. I was really blessed by it though I missed Thabiti’s message. His is … Continue reading

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Free Helpful and Faithful Resources on Elders (think Lay Pastor-Elders) in the Local Church

As we gear up for our upcoming TGC LA EQUIP Quarterly Meeting on 5/27/14 on Raising Up Lay Elders in Your Church I thought I’d post some free resources online that I’ve found helpful. I plan on publishing another blog … Continue reading

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Seven Links (v. 1)

Fred Luter – The next president of the Southern Baptist Convention is profiled in the L.A. Times. He is the first African American SBC president if elected. John MacArthur Interviewed – He gives a good summary at the end of … Continue reading

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More sermons on James 3:1-12 by John MacArthur, Alistair Begg, Tom Schreiner, Sinclair Ferguson, and Paul Tripp (For CrossView Church)

Dear CrossViewers, We studied James 3:1-12 at CrossView this weekend. If you missed it or want to study it further, here are some sermons you can take time to listen to. I’ll try to post our CrossView sermon on Vimeo … Continue reading

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One reason I love The Master’s College and Pastor John MacArthur

I just received a copy of Daily Readings from the Life of Christ by John MacArthur, volume 1 in the mail.  But this was a special publication marking the 25th year of John MacArthur’s service as president of The Master’s … Continue reading

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John MacArthur’s website on his ministry is now up

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Congratulations to John MacArthur from the TMS family

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Some things I’ve learned from John MacArthur

The secret to enduring in ministry is not a secret: “Keep your rear in the chair until your work is done.” “Say no to everything except the most important thing.” “Visit your flock and serve them in trials. You can’t … Continue reading

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Shepherds’ Conference audio is now free! Here’s what I ordered.

Go to the Shepherds’ Fellowship Resources media vault page and start ordering.  Here’s what I ordered: General Session #5 – Q&A Shepherds’ Conference 3/1/2003 John MacArthur 32Kbps Download General Session #7 Shepherds’ Conference 3/1/2003 Steve Saint 32Kbps Download General Session … Continue reading

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I praise God for John MacArthur’s faithful pastoral ministry

He has been pastoring Grace Community Church for 40 years.  Rick Holland reflects on it in an article entitled, “Unwavering Commitment.”  You can also hear an interview of John MacArthur reflecting on the past (or read it here).  There will … Continue reading

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