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A Sermon on Knowing Jesus preached on 4/11/10 to CrossView Church LA

  How can you know that you really and truly know Jesus? Some people claim to know Jesus, others claim they don’t know him nor care. But of those who say they know him, they often say they believe in … Continue reading

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Sunday Sermon on Matthew 1.1-17 and some video responses from a member and visitors

I preached a sermon on Matthew 1.1-17 summarizing the story of the Old Testament and how it connects to Jesus Christ. You can listen to it via stream or mp3 download here. You can subscribe to our church podcast as … Continue reading

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Is Jesus God? A Thought on Jesus and Worship in the Book of Matthew

In Matthew 2 there are two statements that the wise men who came to visit the infant/toddler Jesus born to Mary came to worship him. It says: After Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of King … Continue reading

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Jesus the Messiah, The Gospel According to Mark

John prepares the way for Jesus John baptizes Jesus and the Father speaks while the Spirit descends Jesus is led by the Spirit to be tempted in the wilderness Jesus proclaims the gospel in vv.14-15 – this seems to summarize … Continue reading

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What year was Jesus born and what year did he die and rise?

Andreas Kostenberger believes Jesus was born 5BC and died AD33. I reproduce his post here in full (because I go back to it often and want to make sure its available), but you should look at it on his site … Continue reading

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