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Mark Driscoll, John Piper, and a Problem in Evangelicalism and its Lack of Churchmanship

Image credit: Mark Driscoll has relaunched his former website as You might think he was changing the name because he is no longer a pastor. If you do, you’re wrong. Apparently, Mark Driscoll is still promoting the … Continue reading

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Answering Even Stevphen and the Criticism that Christians are Ignorant Zealots who Aren’t thinking Clearly

Even Stepvhen (Stephen Colbert): “First off it’s not my logic Steve, it’s God’s logic as written in the Bible, every word of which is true and we know every word is true because the Bible says that the Bible is … Continue reading

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What is an Evangelical?

CrossView Church is Protestant, Evangelical, Reformed, and Baptist. That is our current sermon series. We are discussing being evangelical in the sense of our doctrine of Scripture this Sunday. Here are some resources to fill out our thinking on it. … Continue reading

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How Should We Measure a Church’s Success? Jeff Vanderstelt chimes in

Jeff Vanderstelt has a helpful word here: Thoughts: (1) Video 1 summary – Biblical measurements to know if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing: (a) conversions through the gospels, (b) growing to make disciples who can make disciples, … Continue reading

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The key to unity among Christians is not what you think

I agree with Carl Trueman on this one.

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Don’t Judge, but Through Judging Show Mercy

James rebukes Christians for becoming “judges with evil thoughts” (James 2:4). He tells them in the end, “Speak and act as those who will be judged by the law of freedom. For judgment is without mercy to the one who … Continue reading

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Article Recommended on Christianity and Politics in the U.S.

With minor disagreements on phrases like “bringing the kingdom of God into the world” (see this quote by George Ladd if you like the phrase) among other small quibbles, I recommend this short article on politics and Christianity in the … Continue reading

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Joel Osteen’s Statement on Mormonism is False and Damningly Dangerous

Joel Osteen is dead wrong on calling Mormons “brothers in Christ.” This is false teaching because it confuses the gospel and the definition of a Christian. If Mormonism does not teach the true gospel message (which it does not), then … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Preach: Theology Meets Practice” by Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert (Introduction)

Mark Dever dedicated this book to me. Well, he didn’t mention me specifically, but he did dedicate it to all the interns that he and his church have invested in at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Mark writes, “To all the … Continue reading

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Discussion on Contemporary Challenges in the Local Church with Dever, Lawrence and one other dude

I found this panel discussion helpful. Subjects discussed: mission of the church, contextualization, culture, ministry, pastoral ministry, ecclesiology.

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