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Mark Driscoll, John Piper, and a Problem in Evangelicalism and its Lack of Churchmanship

Image credit: Mark Driscoll has relaunched his former website as You might think he was changing the name because he is no longer a pastor. If you do, you’re wrong. Apparently, Mark Driscoll is still promoting the … Continue reading

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A Church without Corrective Discipline or Meaningful Membership is Like a…

“A good illustration of this is when we were driving around in Northwest DC and there was this beautiful home on the right (I don’t know if you remember this), but the walk came down from it, and there was … Continue reading

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A Response JD Greear’s Biblical Argument for Multi-site Churches

JD Greear argues that multi-site churches can be biblical. His two thoughts in response to the critique of multi-site churches are: (1) The question—our primary point of disagreement with ‘single service only’ advocates—is whether the New Testament mandates that we must all … Continue reading

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Which Gospel Presentation is more faithful to the Bible’s teaching?

Jonathan Leeman writes: Which “gospel” do you believe in? Your answer to that question will have a direct bearing on what you think about church discipline. Therefore, it’s worth making sure we are talking about the same gospel before we … Continue reading

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Free Helpful and Faithful Resources on Elders (think Lay Pastor-Elders) in the Local Church

As we gear up for our upcoming TGC LA EQUIP Quarterly Meeting on 5/27/14 on Raising Up Lay Elders in Your Church I thought I’d post some free resources online that I’ve found helpful. I plan on publishing another blog … Continue reading

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Booklets, articles, blog posts, and a video on Congregationalism

The ones you’ll want to make sure to look at are A Display of God’s Glory (pdf linked, the chapter on congregationalism) and By Whose Authority: Elders in Baptist Life. I disagree with the arguments for a senior pastor that Dever makes, but the rest … Continue reading

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Thought on Congregationalism

(start at 17:09) “There is no protection for a church with a bad pastor.” – James McDonald. I disagree. They can and must oust him like Paul tells the churches of Galatia in Galatians 1:8-9. There is a chance of … Continue reading

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Don Carson’s Lectures on “Basic Baptist Beliefs”

It’s not everyday you have one of the leaders of evangelicalism and The Gospel Coalition, an interdenominational movement, speak directly on ecclesiological issues that pin him to his denomination and ecclesiological convictions to the exclusion and disagreement of others. Don … Continue reading

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9Marks has 3 Journals now on Pastor-Elders

Elders, Part 1 – 4:2 – Feb 2007 Elders, Part 2 – 4:3 – March-Apr 2007 Lay Elders: A User’s Guide – 9:6 – Nov-Dec 2012

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Bahnsen on Baptism

I’m a Baptist. He is not. So we will disagree I presume. But I post these here for later preparation for my sermon on Baptism coming up. Baptism:  Its Meaning and Purpose “Cross-Examination: Infant Baptism”

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