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The SBJT Forum: Profiles of Expository Preaching

Is it genuinely important to use the biblical languages in preaching, espe- cially since there are many excellent commentaries and pastors will never attain the expertise of scholars? (Scott Hafemann answers) Does the knowledge of church history aid the pastor … Continue reading

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Wise Words on Learning Biblical Hebrew

Charles Halton: How to Learn Hebrew How to Have a Successful First Semester Have a good attitude. Learning Hebrew can be hard at times, but it is rewarding—find joy in your studies. You are fluent in at least one language already. … Continue reading

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Do You Want To Master the Biblical Languages?

From Jim Hamilton: Here’s some encouragement – it’ll only take 3 hours a day for about 7 years: In his amazing book, The Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell develops a challenge for us all.  To become an absolute master at any skill, … Continue reading

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