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Ask Anything Weekend with Albert Mohler 2/1/14 edition

Listen via streaming or download. Here are the questions: Should I leave a church if word of faith and name-it-claim-it teaching is seeping into the church? Why would God create the non-elect who are doomed to hell? How is that … Continue reading

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9Marks at SBTS Conference Audio on Preaching now available online

From 9marks blog: The audio and video files from the 9Marks at SBTS conference a week ago are now available on our website! Click any of the links below to go to a page on which you can watch the … Continue reading

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Some Resources on Inerrancy in light of Sunday’s Sermon at CrossView

(download the audio of this SBTS panel here) (Audio for this T4G panel here) Other links: A Carson video on inerrancy from The Gospel Coalition Piper asked about inerrancy and faith Literalism: Isn’t the Bible historically unreliable and regressive? (Keller) Is … Continue reading

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Mohler on cremation and burial

Mohler on cremation this week on Ask Anything Wednesday (the last question of the show): Just remember that in the Bible, every form of the destruction of the body is considered allied with idolatry and paganism.  Now we are told in … Continue reading

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What is a man (as opposed to woman)? When does a boy become a man?

John Piper answers the first question: At the heart of mature masculinity is a sense of benevolent responsibility to lead, provide for, and protect women in ways appropriate to a man’s differing relationships. At the heart of femininity is a … Continue reading

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Mohler answers questions about abortion

from Here is a great Q&A session with Dr. Mohler as he answers questions about abortion (What about women who are raped? What about pregnancies where the mother’s life is at risk? Etc…). I haven’t heard it yet, but … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Why I’m Not an Amillennialist

Russ Moore hosted The Albert Mohler Program this week and answered a question about amillennialism and why he does not believe in that interpretation of the end times.  Here are the reasons Morre rejects the interpretation: The Bible nowhere teaches … Continue reading

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Al Mohler on the presidential candidates

This was helpful.  You can listen to it here or download it here.  It’s less than 29 minutes long.

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I was there!

I’m glad to say, “I was there for that!” Though there were some things that cannot be blogged on which I didn’t write down to ensure I’d forget, there are some good things from that that I want to blog … Continue reading

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Al Mohler on Halloween and Christian Thinking

How should we as Christians think about Halloween?  Mohler helps with this blog post on Halloween.  He lays out planks to guide thinking without making the final decision for the reader.

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