I FINALLY found the Doctoral (Ministry) Program I want to enroll in!

I wrote this to Southern Seminary on 7/25/11:

I am inquiring about the possibility of doing a Doctor of Ministry degree at SBTS where I do the D. Min. Classes on “Biblical/Systematic Theology and the Local Church”; “Ecclesiology and the Local Church” or “Historical Theology and the Local Church”; “Expository preaching in the Old Testament” and “Expository Preaching and the New Testament.” Is this a possibility for me?

I would like to do the Applied Theology track but substitute one or two classes for expository preaching and the New Testament (and the Old Testament one too if allowed). I’m asking for these NT and OT classes because I want to sharpen my use of Greek (and Hebrew) exegesis and Biblical Theology in the ministry of the Word in the local church. I’m getting this exegetical drive and impulse from John Piper when he writes (in Brother’s We are Not Professionals!, 85):

“The theory is good: continuing education makes for better ministers. But where can you do a D.Min. in Hebrew language and exegesis? Yet what is more important and more deeply practical for the pastoral office than advancing in Greek and Hebrew exegesis by which we mine God’s treasures?
“Why then do hundreds of young and middle-aged pastors devote years of effort to everything but the languages when pursuing continuing education? And why do seminaries not offer incentives and degrees to help pastors maintain the most important pastoral skill – exegesis of the original meaning of Scripture?
“No matter what we say about the inerrancy of the Bible, our actions reveal our true convictions about its centrality and power.”

 So again, my inquiry is: May I do an Applied Theology D. Min. at SBTS where I take Biblical and Systematic Theology in the Local Church, one other Applied Theology D. Min. course, and the Expository Preaching and the New Testament and Old Testament courses with a focus on the exegesis of texts for local church ministry?

Well, the D.Min. program I’ve been longing for has finally arrived. Maybe that’s why God hasn’t opened the door for me to start the program just yet?


About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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