Commissional Living as a City Group (Missional Community)

Tonight our son and our sister in Christ’s son and daughter had a kids’ baseball game. Tonight was a good example of what it looked like for us to share life and share Jesus with each other engaging our neighborhood. Here are some ways we shared life with gospel intentionality reorienting our lives for the commission of making disciples in our neighborhood:

  1. I had to pick up our sister’s 2 kids at 4:30 to get them to the game by 5:30. I had to change where I would prepare teaching for tomorrow night at UCLA’s Asian-American Christian Fellowship. I studied in San Fernando instead of down the street from my place.
  2. I brought our sister’s 2 kids with my 3 kids to the game after getting them ready at my place and feeding them a snack.
  3. Three others from our City Group picked up my wife and brought her to our game. One of them stayed and watched my 2 girls while I served our team in assisting the coach. (Bless)
  4. The other 2 took my wife out to eat and hang out (Listen, Eat, Speak)
  5. Our sister (mom of the 2 kids) came after work to watch the last inning of the game. After the game I had a much needed pastoral conversation to shepherd her in Christ (Listen, Eat, Speak). She actually prayed (Speak) to God asking God last night to tell her what she should do in a situation. The situation was so clear biblically that I told her with God’s authority based clearly on Scripture what God’s Word says for her situation (Listen, Speak)
  6. That conversation would not be possible without one of the members watching 5 of our kids at the park (bless) while we had the shepherding conversation (listen, speak) we didn’t plan (but God did).
  7. I was able to write this article (speak) because one from our city group is reading a bible story to my 3 older kids right now (bless, speak).

About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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