Our Church’s Vision and Terms Defined

The following article briefly explains how we want to go about living the vision of CrossView Church LA. If you would like to talk this through further please contact a pastor-elder or city group leader. There is also CrossView Considered Discussions that you may like to participate in, which explains further what life is like within CrossView Church LA.


CrossView City Group (family): A core unit of Christians obeying the great commission to make disciples as they share life and share Jesus.

A Local Church (clan): A group of City Groups in a city or locality with a shared pastor-eldership, covenant membership and responsibility for one another, and a Sunday gathering. 

CrossView Network (tribe): The CrossView (extended) family as a whole – all our Churches and City Groups in different parts of the world. There are larger tribes that we are also a part of: TGCLA, LASBA, SBC, etc.

Wider Movement (nation): We want to be part of a wider Spirit-inspired church planting movement that is not owned or controlled by anyone. We express this through partnerships with people beyond The CrossView Network in larger tribes.


Shared life is central to the Bible story. People are called not simply to an individual relationship with God, but to become part of the new people of God, the bride of Christ. You become a Christian when, by faith, you become part of the people for whom Christ died.

We see from the Bible story that we are recreated by the cross and resurrection to be God’s people. We are family. Our identity is communal. This is why for us a central context for the Christian life is a City Group.

A City Group is a group of people living life-on-life together under the great commission.

A City Group has a common identity with a commitment to shepherding one another with the Gospel and working together to witness to Christ in their neighborhood. The City Group is a core unit of church life, the place where evangelism, shepherding care, biblical counseling, leadership development, and life take place throughout the week.

A focus on the Christ Jesus: Shared life is given to us in the Christ Jesus. We are reconciled by God through the cross. Our focus needs to be on the cross. We are Gospel-centered City Groups.

A focus on Commission: A sense of partnership and fellowship is often built by doing things together. It is as we orient ourselves outwards to bless others that our inner communal life is strengthened. Fellowship is not to be self-indulgent. We are City Groups with a commission to take the Gospel to the lost.


A City Group is about a shared life, a network of relationships, a community of people – not simply a weekly meeting.

So it is more than a Bible study group: the Bible is central to the life of a City Group, but the Bible is read, discussed and lived throughout the week in the context of shared life, not only at formal meetings.

And it is more than a support group: shepherding care is a feature of a City Group, but it is a group with a strong sense of commission. People in a City Group can articulate their vision for obeying the commission and identify the specific people they are trying to reach.

And a City Group by itself is not a New Testament local church, though they make up the local church and are the expression of the local church in the everyday.


Our City Groups within a given locality are organized into churches. A local church is defined by:

A collective identity: a sense of ‘us’, of working together to bless the city. We are CrossView Church LA. We are members of one body taking responsibility for each others’ discipleship. This sense of connectedness will be the foundation on which co-operation in commission and planting new City Groups can build.

A collective leadership: a group of pastor-elders who have responsibility for the prayerful teaching, oversight, vision, mentoring, modeling, and training the City Groups and Non-City-Group-members in the church.

A collective gathering: a weekly gathering where the City Groups and non-City-Goup-members come together to reinforce their common identity and commission as the Word of God is preached and taught in depth focusing on strengthening conviction.

Our Sunday gatherings provide good Bible exposition to free up our City Group leaders to concentrate on life-on-life discipleship, building shared life, and commission. The Bible teaching in the City Group focuses on applying the Word taught at the Sunday Gathering to the specifics of the City Group and its members. We want to push the implications of God’s Word down deep into our hearts and lives.

The Sunday gathering unites the City Groups and enables each City Group to see the bigger picture, our vision to litter our city with communities of light. The Sunday gathering embodies that vision as we meet City Groups from across the city. Our vision is to start new City Groups and, as they multiply, to start new churches.


  1. Resourced for local commission by providing good Bible exposition and teaching to deepen Christ-centered convictions, corporate praise, shared leadership, and training for leaders.
  2. Connected for commission by providing a common identity through the church body, opportunities for co-operation and shared leadership.

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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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