Domestic Violence

Why don’t domestic violence abuse victims leave?

  1. Fear that the abuse will will get worse.
  2. Fear that their friends or family would turn against them and not believe them.
  3. A desire for the children to grow up with both parents.
  4. Worry about being able to support oneself and their children financially.
  5. They erroneously believe that they are to blame.
  6. They are ashamed to admit that they are being abused.
  7. They hope the situation will improve.

Why are some men violent with women and/or children?

  1. They feel sincerely sorry and think that this is enough to change.
  2. They have seen violence in their home growing up.
  3. They were victims of violence and abuse
  4. They refuse to get help and think they can handle the problem on their own.

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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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