Preaching and Historical Theology – Don Carson

Preaching and Historical Theology (part 1 | part 2)

Two Comments on History and Christianity:

1. Christianity has some historical elements built into it structure
so that we cannot deny historical interest, we cannot reduce
Christianity to some merely coherent theological/philosophical/moral

2. History and historical awareness must be part of a preacher’s agenda.

The relevance of historical theology to preaching:

1. HT is a discipline that informs us of exegesis and especially the systematic theology of previous ages. And therefore some knowledge of it expands our horizons.

2. HT teaches how certain issues become central in different ages.
Gnosticism, authority, epistemology, etc.

3. HT teaches that God still has more light to break from his holy word.

4. HT teaches us that some heresies and errors recur with modifications.

5. HT shows us what doctrines are paradigm independent. What doctrine show up under every paradigm.

6.  HT provides moving and useful illustrations for expositions that
draw hearers into a bigger world.

7. HT helps us see how believers have lost the gospel either by addition or subtraction. Not only looking at times of revival but times of decline you can see the way the gospel has been lost and sidelined. HT reminds us that we serve Jesus Christ who says he will build his church.

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