Lord’s Day with CrossView Church, 2/24/13 edition

Sunday Seminar. I taught Ecclesiastes to 4 members and was encouraged by the discussion and content of the book.

Gathering with the members. I loved gathering today. I was a bit discouraged to see so many members not there. But God used that to rebuke me and point out the vanity of my heart. Why do I want more members to be there? For their edification? That’s my better half. The other half is pride and I can see that it’s pride by the way I felt frustrated and personally offended. How stupid is that? We’re there to worship the risen Lord Jesus and stir others to love and good works and I found myself standing there in my selfishness. I thank God for his grace and for pushing me to him in that self-centered frustration as we began to sing to him. I thank God for giving us Andy to set up the place, Aaron to set up sound and lead singing, and Jun to lead the gathering in general. Marcelino serving the kids with teaching them the gospel is also an evidence of God’s grace on us.

Preaching. I started the series on Genesis 1-11 today. I wish I wrote a manuscript of the sermon and still may tomorrow. But I preached off of my notes and was not happy with the way it came together. I’m glad God had a plan behind it because it didn’t go according to mine. I took too much time on the evolution question and whether it was a literal 24 hour day, and it took time away from my applications at the end. But I think everything I said was true and I think the main point of the passage was clearly expressed. I’m not sure if it was felt, but Jun’s prayer at the end of the gathering encouraged me.

Singing. I like singing 5 songs instead of 4! Also, the songs were very helpful with the congregation singing them to help me fix my eyes on our glorious God.

Lunch with the members. The women had a bible study or discussion today. So I was there with some of the men talking about dinosaurs, dispensationalism, and Israel-Palestine relations in the context of current political stances in the U.S. Good times.

After gathering at Shatto I had a good time praying and talking to Aaron and Jose at my place. Then Jerilene and Alisa blessed my family by babysitting the kids and letting Frances and I step out for a mini-date. What a blessing. Talking with Alisa and Jerilene a bit after about God and grace was also a gift from the Lord.


About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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