How do you deal with scientific objections to the faith? John Frame Answers.

6. How do you deal with scientific objections to the faith?

Science is not my long suit. To me it is important that (1) science, like all human thinking, is not neutral or objective, but makes presuppositions. (2) Many Christians with scientific training and good understanding have dealt effectively with the science/religion conflicts. I don’t follow any particular school of thought here. Sometimes I’m impressed by arguments of the Creation Science movement, other times by Hugh Ross, other times by John Polkinghorne and others. I do not believe in the easy separation of religion and science into two spheres that never overlap. Scripture is authoritative in all matters about which it speaks, including matters of interest to science.  (3) As I look at popular expositions of most recent science—string theory, etc., it impresses me that much of it is counter-intuitive (though that does not, of course, necessarily make it wrong). That makes me wonder how much more of the conventional wisdom in science may one day be questioned. Science in 2006 is vastly different from science in 1906; why shouldn’t science in 2106 be similarly different? That warns us against taking present science as some kind of final or ultimate knowledge.

You can read the whole interview on other topics here.


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