9 Marks of Healthy Preaching

Mark Dever on the 9 Marks of Healthy Preaching.

It’s a good lecture worth listening to. Here are the 9 marks I wrote down when listening to it:

1. Healthy preaching is consecutive. It’s hard work. Keeps you off your hobby horses. Preacher continually learns. Can’t bypass difficult parts.

2. Healthy preaching is canonical.  It’s preaching through the whole Bible. Not just books of the Bible. Preaching at various levels from one verse after his contribution.

3. Healthy preaching is connected. It shows how the whole Bible points to Jesus Christ. We relate every passage to the Bible’s main storyline. We more fundamentally need to hear what God has done, than What we must do. Preaching must be Christo centric. There was a man preaching on Jesus praying in Gethsemane saying that it was a text about how to handle stress. I’m not saying that man is not a Christian, I will send you does not know his Bible enough to be a pastor. We all need to have a pipeline for feedback regarding our preaching in our church. Have a sermon review where u ask what to do better.

4. Healthy preaching is gospel–centered. “All preaching, to be true to the Biblical perspective, must in some sense be gospel preaching. Expository biblical preaching is always an exposition of the gospel and its implications.” It’s not preaching moralistic ally and tacking on an altar call. Can’t get it organically, you can get headed through systematic theological like God, man, Christ, faith.

5. Healthy preaching should be theological. You should preach with correct theological category, naming and identifying the categories and implications of a given text. We want our people to think well. It’s another way of using the analogy of faith. Use commentaries only after you pose all of your questions of the text and try to answer every question.  Recommended Lig’s T4G talk on ST.

6. Healthy preaching is critical. It attacks idols and competing worldviews. We have to impart discernment to our congregation. 39:00

7. Healthy preaching is evangelistic. Every sermon you preach should be evangelistic and addressed in part to non-Christians sitting there. Speak to the unbeliever directly when you preach. The Bible rightly understood is evangelistic. You also teach your members how to evangelize as a model and giving them grammar for the gospel.

8. Healthy preaching is applied. Romans 12:1-2. God is glorified in obedience. It has a moral oughtness. (I’d add James 1:22 – be, believe, know, do). Application grid commended.

9. Healthy preaching is integrated into your own life. Meditate and pray over the text everyday of the week before preaching.

What do you think? What would you add or take out?

I would add: Healthy preaching is…

  1. textual – the message is clearly seen to come from the text.
  2. felt – there must be an appropriate feeling from the text: brokenness, anger, confidence, rest, warning, joy, celebration, relief, fear, etc.
  3. intense – the feeling must come through in some way.


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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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