Does God control EVERYTHING? Do humans have free will (real choices)? Compatibilism briefly defined

Note: Carson is saying all reality is determined by God ultimately.

D. A. Carson states the Bible’s truths on this issue with two non-negotiable statements that must be affirmed as true (in the first sentence):

In the Bible, God’s utter sovereignty does not diminish human responsibility; conversely, human beings are moral agents who choose, believe, obey, disbelieve, and disobey, and this fact does not make God’s sovereignty finally contingent. That is clear from the way God’s sovereignty manifests itself in this chapter, that is, in election, even while the chapter bristles with the responsibilities laid on the people. People who do not believe both truths — that God is sovereign and human beings are responsible — sooner or later introduce some intolerable wobbles into the structure of their faith.

This is from a reflection on Deuteronomy 7:6-8. He goes on further to comment on another theme tied to God’s sovereignty, particularly in election: the love of God.

Here God’s love is selective. God chooses Israel because he sets his affection on them, and not for anything in themselves. The thought recurs elsewhere (e.g., Mal. 1:2-3). But this is not the only way that the Bible speaks of the love of God (e.g., John 3:16).


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