How Should We Measure a Church’s Success? Jeff Vanderstelt chimes in

Jeff Vanderstelt has a helpful word here:


(1) Video 1 summary – Biblical measurements to know if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing: (a) conversions through the gospels, (b) growing to make disciples who can make disciples, (c) raising up leaders who can oversee the development of churches that can plant more and more churches.

(2) The normal measurement we use is faithfulness. Surely that includes doctrinal purity and personal holiness. But it must be blessing others. Blessing others in what way? Well, Jeff Vanderstelt’s answer seems to be explicitly or implicitly from the Great Commission command to make disciples who learn to obey everything the Lord Jesus commands.

(3) The simplicity here is striking, refreshing, and clarifying. Clarifying, because sometimes I feel like a chicken with his head cut off running around. Some say I’m doing well if I’m preaching faithfully or if people are growing in Bible knowledge or if the community will miss us if we leave or if the church is growing and there’s a buzz around town that our church is where it’s happening or whatever. These 3 measurements are clear: more disciples, more of them actively disciple-making, and more identified and deployed to lead more churches. In its clarity and simplicity I find refocus and refreshment.

(4) What do you think are biblical measurements for a church’s success?

(5) I’d add some structural things as well: Is the membership meaningful and do all who are the church know they are and know the others who are? Is the preaching faithful and Spirit-empowered? Is church discipline being practiced on different levels (there are 3 other levels before excommunication). Is there love for one another that is demonstrable and vibrant? Like Jeff said in the second video, some measurements are subjective. It’s good to state clearly the objective measurements.

(6) CrossView Church LA has a long way to go!


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