Why Bill Nye The Science Guy is Wrong in his message: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children


(1) Bill Nye is telling me to not teach my kids my opinion but his.

(2) What matters is not opinion but fact and truth. I understand Nye thinks his view is truth. I think it’s a lie. He thinks what I believe is a lie. So we have to reason well in finding the proper conviction for the proper viewpoint.

(3) I believe in micro-evolution. That’s what Darwin scientifically observed. A bird with changing features has been recorded. Macro-evolution is a leap of faith and theory at best. It cannot be scientifically proven, or at the very least, it has not been. There is no recorded observations of species evolving to a different specie. That is taking the observation of micro-evolution, imagining that it can happen across species, and then theorizing on how that happened and giving clues to why it’s possible.

(4) Evolution is philosophically impossible. Part of evolution’s theory is the randomness of the universe. But randomness by definition denies the order of the universe. In randomness, the future may not be like the past patterns observed. It may be, but it may not be. So if the future will not always be like the past because of the randomness that is central to the theory, then science itself becomes impossible. Science observes and records the order of the universe and makes conclusions based on the order and fact that the future will be like the past. How do scientists know the future will be like the past? Because it always has been is the best answer. But if it always has been, that’s the point to be proven (the logical fallacy called, “circular reasoning” or “begging the question”). And that point cannot be proven scientifically, but must be assumed to even do science. I’m not denying the order of nature and the fact that the future will be like the past. I’m telling you that it’s not a scientifically provable point, but a necessary truth that science depends on. So why is the future like the past? The Christian answer is that God made it this way. Now how one proves that is a bit different than science, but it’s not philosophically impossible. But once we’ve delved into such philosophy, we’ve already admitted that to believe in evolution or creation can’t be answered by science itself, proving that the theory of evolution is not scientific fact, but the philosophy of some mistake scientists and those who believe these scientist/philosophers like Bill Nye the Science Guy.

(5) Bill Nye admits that what he has is a worldview. That’s another way of saying a philosophy. Again, I don’t think he realizes that the basis of his worldview is by nature, un-scientific.

(6) Evolution is a faith-belief-theory that takes just as much, and I’d argue more faith to believe than creation according to the Bible.

(7) Theistic evolution doesn’t make sense to a Christian who believes the Bible. In the creation account of Genesis 1-2, nothing dies. For God to create via evolution according to its theory, species would have to die and evolve to become what was completed by the 6th day.

(8) There are many scientists and engineers who believe in Jesus Christ and not macro-evolution who do a great good for our society. And in the future, there will continue to be.

(9) Check out this video by Andy Davis and The Gospel Coalition on whether science has buried God:


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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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2 Responses to Why Bill Nye The Science Guy is Wrong in his message: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

  1. jason says:

    I’d say points 4 and 6 are big keys in regards to being able to communicate our stance to the common layman. Though 4 may be able to be expressed in less words hopefully, possibly. I also am always drawn to the fact that #6 points towards, which is faith and belief, yet we cannot necessarily produce those and that can point us toward Christ, the Gospel, and prayer. Would u asterisk #8? I feel like it needs some clarification to the exact point. Are you saying there are good people who believe in facts and evolution or are you saying there Christians who believe in some of those things?

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