Why Church Government Matters

Mike McKinley posts at the 9marks blog (I downloaded and plan to listen to the audio):

Dr. Hunter Powell is an expert on many things, chief among them being soft cheeses and the discussions about polity that took place between Congregationalists and Presbyterians and the Westminster Assembly. (You can hear Jonathan Leeman interview Hunter and Mark Dever about polity here.)

Since I’ve been on sabbatical all summer, cooling my heels in the lovely Pacific NW, Hunter has been preaching on Sunday mornings at the church where we both serve as pastors. Since we couldn’t think of titles for nine different sermons on cheese, we decided to have him preach about congregationalism.

The result was a very helpful series that outline some of the Scriptural basis for thinking through church government from an elder-led congregationalist perspective. If they would be useful to you, links to each sermon are below.

  1. Faith and Order: Why Church Government Matters
  2. Christ, King of His Church
  3. Christ’s Congregational Churches: Stewards of the Keys
  4. A Church of Visible Saints
  5. A Church Governed By Elders
  6. The Lord’s Supper
  7. Baptism and the New Covenant Community
  8. The Purposes of Church Government: Mutual Edification
  9. The Purposes of Church Government: Worship

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