How not engaging non-Christians with gospel intentionality regularly stifles Christian growth

A helpful video then some thoughts:


(1) I grew up in that kind of culture where engaging non-Christians intentionally was rare. I would purposefully speak to them about 10 times a year. It was a big deal (in the sense of so infrequent) to evangelize.

(2) When I did evangelize or intentionally move in that direction, I felt alive. I felt God big time! That was why it was a big deal. It confirmed my faith in Christ. It strengthened boldness. It was an experience of God orchestrating a conversation or time with a friend, giving me the boldness to speak, and finding out that I knew more than I thought though less than I needed. All of this was sanctifying.

(3) Without regularly engaging non-Christians, you do reach a cap (in a sense) in holiness, growth, and sanctification. If you go back to thought #2, you see that so many things can be experienced by engaging that when you don’t, you can’t enjoy some of these benefits.

(4) Also in my circles, and thus the tendency in my church, is to see growth in holiness as theological knowledge, active involvement in set programs of the church, and lately, reading the bible 1-1 with another Christian. These are good (and can be good). But it can smother and squeeze out time to meaningfully and regularly serve and engage non-Christians for the gospel. Then when we have free time, we’re so pooped that we don’t think about engaging more people, and even if we did, we wouldn’t know where to start.

(5) One grid I’ve found helpful to grow in living a missional lifestyle is by living some gospel-intentional rhythms of life (see link). For more on this you can see this video and a couple of articles I’ve found helpful.

(6)  I do think we need God big time with bible reading and that we can’t really do it without God. But Darrin is right that (a) we can often read without desperation and God still comes through anyway and (b) it seemed like a throw away line that wasn’t measured so be generous.


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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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