New CrossView Sermon on Biblical Manhood

For Mother’s Day, which CrossView Church called Woman’s Day, we celebrated our women – mothers, sisters, daughters by preaching to the men on who they ought to be as men. You can listen to it here: – There is no video for this sermon.

The outline was short and simple from Ephesians 5:25-27 and 6:4

I opened with the crisis of extended adolescence into the late thirties for too many men. Then I asked the questions that are so basic yet so cloudy in people’s minds: (1) What makes a man a man and not a woman? (2) When does a boy become a man?

Then we looked at Ephesians 5:25-27 and 6:4.

  1. Love like Christ (initiate and sacrifice)
  2. Love to make holy (the goal is holiness, the tool is the Word)
  3. Lead with understanding and effectiveness (don’t stir up to anger; apply the Word to specific situations)

About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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