I want to grow in encouraging other pastors – reflection on the new 9Marks Journal

As I’ve been reading the first few articles of the new 9marks Journal, “Wanted: Apostolic Pastors,” I’ve been struck by a few thoughts.

  1. This is certainly what we’re trying to do with The Gospel Coalition Los Angeles Regional Chapter. I am encouraged by the brothers in this chapter and find myself grateful for their partnership. As I read the journal, I thought that I’ve been doing a bare minimum and would like to increase in my encouraging other pastors in my circles: TGCLA, LASBA, and others I’m not formally linked with like The Master’s College and Seminary grads, Acts 29, etc.
  2. I should call a pastor once a week to encourage him. I should try to meet up with some of them as the schedule permits. Maybe bi-weekly or tri-weekly.
  3. I should certainly continue to encourage pastors through the bi-monthly TGCLA meetings.
  4. I thank God for Ray Choi, Brian Colmery, Chris Barksdale, Ron Boomsma, Scott Mehl, and Don Overstreet who have been encouraging me in different ways. Most are fellow pastors of other local churches, and their presence in the city and county for the gospel encourages me already.
  5. I praise God for how Mark Dever and Capitol Hill Baptist Church deeply stamped me by their shared life with my wife and I for the six months of January to May 2008. I don’t realize the depths of ways they’ve shaped me. As I read the articles, many things that were not explicitly taught were caught, and now they’re being explicitly taught in this new issue of the 9marks journal.
  6. We pray regularly in our Sunday gatherings for other churches. I confess I don’t do that as regularly in personal prayer. This needs to change.
  7. I still feel a pastoral envy and selfishness when I think of other churches succeeding and ours struggling. I praise God for exposing this feeling that I might grow in holiness and improve as a pastor of CrossView Church.

About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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2 Responses to I want to grow in encouraging other pastors – reflection on the new 9Marks Journal

  1. Rudy says:

    PJ can you please clarify point #2, am I reading it correctly women pastor?

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