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Wanted: Apostolic Pastors

 Editor’s Note: Bobby Jamieson

9Marks is on the lookout for apostolic pastors. Know any?

Here’s what we have in mind: pastors who care deeply about the progress of the gospel beyond their local churches. Pastors who encourage, disciple, and partner with other pastors. Pastors who lead their congregations to link arms with other likeminded local churches for evangelism, church planting, and more. By “apostolic,” we don’t mean someone who is personally commissioned by Jesus to bear witness to the resurrection (Acts 1:21-22). Instead, we mean someone who shares some of the apostles’ priorities and concerns, even though he doesn’t share their office.

A Vision for Apostolic Pastors

Wanted: Apostolic Pastors By Mark Dever This pastor longs for more pastors who would, like the apostles, strategize to help other pastors and churches. Read more >

The Great Commission Is Bigger than Your Church By Bobby Jamieson The great commission is bigger than your local church. How should that shape your priorities and posture as a pastor? Read more >

Pray for Revival—In the Other Guy’s Church By Andy Johnson Our love for Jesus never shines brighter than when we rejoice in the progress of the gospel—in others’ churches. Read more >

Stories of Apostolic Pastoring

The Birth of a Gospel Partnership: Evangelium21 By Matthias Lohmann Here’s how a group of likeminded pastors came together to promote gospel growth in German churches. First step? Invite John Piper to dinner. Read more >

The Story of Sojourn Network By Daniel Montgomery How can a church raise up and sustain pastors who are faithful over the long haul? That’s a question Sojourn Network is trying to answer. Read more >

Coming Together: the Pastoral Fellowship for Practical Theology By Brian Croft From the four corners of Louisville, a growing number of pastors have been gathering for fellowship, teaching, and prayer. Here’s their story, and some of the unexpected fruits they’ve seen. Read more >

Fruits of Apostolic Pastoring

Rescued from Isolation: the Columbia Baptist Minister’s Association By Justin Runyan A young pastor found relief from self-imposed isolation through a new local association of ministers. Here’s how. Read more >

Baptists Reading Together and the Birth of Modern Missions By Michael A.G. Haykin A small group of Baptists who read, talked, and prayed together sparked a renewal that led to the birth of the modern missions movement. What might God do through similar means today? Read more >

Closer than a Brother: Why I Belong to Acts 29 By Robert Greene Pastors need to care for each other. Here’s how that care found one pastor when he needed it most. Read more >

Don’t Pull the Plug on Your Association Yet By Matthew Spandler-Davison The local Baptist association is dead. Or at least on life support. This story of turning one around provides great reasons not to pull the plug just yet. Read more >

Miscellaneous Book Reviews

Book Review: Dallas and the SpitfireReviewed by Bobby Jamieson It’s easy for “discipleship” and “discipling” to be mere buzzwords, labels we slap on things to make them sound spiritual. And if our churches move beyond buzzwords and try to create a culture of one-on-one discipling, it’s easy to turn even that into just one more program. Weekly meeting at Starbucks—check. Reading the Bible or a Christian book together—check. Talking about the same two or three struggles with sin every week—check. Read more >

Book Review: The Measure of Our SuccessReviewed by Jeramie Rinne Shawn Lovejoy loves fellow pastors and desperately wants them to thrive in ministry. But, as he explains in his book The Measure of Our Success, he fears far too many pastors feel discouragement and discontentment instead. The reason for this malaise? Pastors are using the wrong metrics for gauging successful ministry. A VIEW FROM THE TRENCHES Read more >

Book Review: Redeeming Church ConflictsReviewed by Matt Smethurst Conflict isn’t far from your church. I don’t simply mean that it’s in that congregation down the street—I mean it’s coming to yours. AN EXCELLENT PRIMER ON CHURCH CONFLICT Tara Barthel and David Edling have written an excellent primer on church conflict titled Redeeming Church Conflicts: Turning Crisis into Compassion and Care. With years of experience in conflict mediation through Peacemaker Ministries, they are well qualified to speak to this issue. Read more >

Book Review: Turning to GodReviewed by Shane Walker She’s about eight years old, slightly taller than your desk, an explosion of curls, precocious. She appears suddenly, without her parents, between church services. She’d like to know how to become a Christian. Several days later, another visitor approaches you. This time it’s the polite fiancé of a deacon’s daughter. He tells you about his relief when the campus minister told him that Buddhism was compatible with Christianity, and that the fruit of the Spirit looks like smoking a little less pot. Read more >



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