Mark Dever Interviews Greg Beale on Biblical Theology

9Marks leadership interview: Greg Beale gives a crash course on the discipline of biblical theology, assesses recent works on it, and explains what he’s written and why.

This was one of my favorite 9Marks interviews. I enjoyed the lightning round on books and added some to my wish list. Listen to it here.

Get and read Beale’s book on Biblical Theology here.

These were some that Beale (and at times Dever) highly recommends:

  1. Presence of the Future: The Eschatology of Biblical Realism by Ladd. Beale recommends this even over Ladd’s Theology of the New Testament.
  2. Some Systematic Theologies: Turretin, Bavinck, Dabney.
  3. Some OT or NT Theologies: Goldsworthy on OT, Schreiner, Thielman, Waltke,
  4. Some Whole-Bible Biblical Theologies: Goldsworthy, Scobie
  5. Preaching: Greidanus, Greidanus (later book), Goldsworthy

Update: you can listen to Beale attempt to summarize the essence of his book A New Testament Biblical Theology in these two lectures, the Sizemore Lectures, at Midwstern Baptist Theological Seminary (November 2-3, 2010):

  1. Inaugurated Eschatology and its Implications for Living and Preaching
  2. Inaugurated Eschatology and it Implications for Ecclesiology

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