Thoughts on “Preach: Theology Meets Practice” by Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert (Introduction)

Mark Dever dedicated this book to me. Well, he didn’t mention me specifically, but he did dedicate it to all the interns that he and his church have invested in at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Mark writes, “To all the men I have had the privilege of teaching as CHBC Interns. May God bless you as you proclaim His Word.” So I’m one of the privileged many who have been blessed to spend time in the life of that church family. It’s an honor to have this book dedicated to us former (and future) interns.

The driving conviction of the book and their ministries is this: “God’s Word is the most powerful force in the universe. It gives life, it heals, it corrects, it changes lives” (loc. 135-43, Kindle). I know this theoretically and believe it confessionally, but functionally I don’t always, preach, prepare, or read the Bible as if this conviction is true. I want to grow in this and so I look forward to reading this book. By the way, the book Reverberation: How God’s Word brings Light, Freedom and Action to his People by Jonathan Leeman does this really well and I commend the book to all Christians, especially leaders and pastors.

Mark and Greg give 3 reasons for writing the book: (1) there is a loss of confidence in the preached Word of God in the evangelical church; (2) there is a lack of confidence in biblical exposition in the evangelical church; and (3) there is a bad name that some expositional preachers have given expositional preaching. They want to give preachers confidence in preaching God’s Word and doing it expositionally.

As a graduate of The Master’s Seminary and former intern at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, I still have my confidence in the preaching of God’s Word attacked. I pastor a small church where there seems to be little fruit in terms of numerical growth. The pressure increases to find a method that will produce the numerical growth. The assertion that God’s Word preached is the pastor’s priority loses its strength. I hope to be strengthened as I read and reflect on the work of these two brothers. I hope to post on each chapter and then write a more formal review at the end. Stay tuned.

For a 2 minute video overview of expositional preaching and a brief overview of this perspective, check out this 9marks web page.


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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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