Why the CSB is called the HCSB or the Holman CSB

I’m using the CSB. It’s officially known as the HCSB or the Holman CSB, but I hate the fact that they had to put the publisher’s name in the official translation abbreviation. Who says, “Crossway ESV” or the CESV? Can you imagine that? Or the ZNIV or Zondervan NIV?

I don’t know why they felt the need to include the publisher’s name in the abbreviation. It saddens me to an otherwise great translation. And because the foolish name of the translation isn’t part of the biblical text, I’m happy to use it in our church gatherings and for personal bible reading and memorization. We just call it the CSB at church or the Christian Standard Bible.

I switched from the ESV, but that’s a different story.

I wrote I don’t know why they included “Holman” or the “H”. Well,  I didn’t. Now I do.

Ed Blum is the General editor for the CSB. In this interview, he gives the reason for including the “Holman” in the translation title.

Will: Along those lines, why did Broadman and Holman decide to call the translation the Holman Christian Standard Bible? Why not just the CSB?

Ed: That’s a very good question. If you’ll notice, more recent editions on the spine say “Holman” in small letters and in big letters “CSB.” There is a small publishing company called “Christian Standard Publishing.” They had published a magazine for maybe 70 or so years. They objected to “Christian Standard” being used. It actually went to arbitration, and the arbitration went in favor of Broadman and Holman. But they felt like they would use “Homan Christian Standard Bible” to help these people with their objection. But I think legally in the future you’ll see it being used as CSB.

Will: So we may see editions in the future that are just called the Christian Standard Bible.

Ed: Right.

I fear the current title is catching on and will be irreversible though I will continue to call it the CSB. I appreciate Broadman and Holman’s care for the people’s objection, though I still think they should have went forward since they won the arbitration. I think they should change the name soon, but nonetheless, it’s a good translation that I’m happy to use.


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2 Responses to Why the CSB is called the HCSB or the Holman CSB

  1. I’d love to hear your thoughts on why you switched from the ESV sometime. I’ve looked into the CSB and it’s intriguing

  2. Holly McAfee says:

    Thanks for this info, I had been bothered by the same thing and am glad to know the reason. I agree with you that CSB is greatly preferable. I don’t like the connotation of ownership or association of any person’s name with the Holy Bible. My church uses the ESV, and I need to choose a version for a Bible study I lead at a public school, so I’m also interested to hear your reasoning for switching from ESV.

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