Jesus the Messiah, The Gospel According to Mark

  1. John prepares the way for Jesus
  2. John baptizes Jesus and the Father speaks while the Spirit descends
  3. Jesus is led by the Spirit to be tempted in the wilderness
  4. Jesus proclaims the gospel in vv.14-15 – this seems to summarize his teaching ministry and tied to the core of his death/resurrection mission.
  5. Jesus calls disciples Peter, Andrew, James, and John
  6. Jesus casts out an unclean spirit in Capenaum
  7. Jesus healed many
  8. Jesus would pray in solitude in the morning.
  9. Jesus would preach, cast out demons, cleanse lepers and the unclean, and healed the sick while hiding his identity.
  10. He called tax collectors and ate with sinners, prostitutes, and tax collectors calling the sinners to repentance and faith.
  11. Jesus answered objections about fasting and the Sabbath.
  12. The Pharisees and Herodians wanted to destroy him.
  13. Demons (unclean spirits) recognized Jesus and Jesus silenced them.
  14. Jesus appointed 12 apostles and sent them out to preach and cast out demons.
  15. His family thought he was out of his mind.
  16. The scribes said he is possessed by Beelzebul.
  17. Jesus spoke of the eternal sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit.
  18. Jesus defines his real family as those who do God’s will.
  19. He spoke in parables to hide the secrets of the kingdom of God, teaching about the seed and hearts of people hearing God’s Word, the need to receive the teaching, the dynamic growth of the kingdom from small beginnings.
  20. He calmed the storm and sea with a word.
  21. He heals a strong man with demonic power and casts them into pigs.
  22. He heals the woman with a blood discharge and raises a 12 year old girl from the dead.
  23. Jesus rejected in his home town (why couldn’t he do work there? 6:5)
  24. Jesus sends out the 12 apostles to preach repentance, casting out demons, and healing the sick.
  25. John the Baptist was killed and all kinds of people had theories about who Jesus was.
  26. Jesus feeds 5000 because he had great compassion on them.
  27. Jesus walks on water (the disciples’ hearts were hardened) and heals more people.
  28. Jesus confronts tradition and teaches moral defilement.
  29. Jesus serves a Gentile by healing a woman’s daughter from demon oppression.
  30. He makes the deaf hear and mute speak.
  31. Jesus feeds the 4000
  32. Jesus corrects the Pharisees for seeking a sign
  33. Jesus warns the disciples about the leaven of the Pharisees and Herod. The disciples hearts are hardened, their eyes can’t see and their ears can’t hear and they don’t remember what Jesus has been doing.
  34. Jesus heals a blind man in two stages – first with vague seeing, then full sight.
  35. Peter confesses Jesus as the Messiah.
  36. Jesus starts to foretell his death and resurrection, rebuking Peter.
  37. Jesus calls the crowd to discipleship which means following, self-denial, death, and forfeiting life to gain life.
  38. Jesus was transfigured and told the 3 not to tell anyone.
  39. Jesus casts a demon out of a boy and teaches his disciples that this kind is cast out by prayer. The demon was too deep.
  40. Jesus warns them a second time that he will die and rise. The disciples are too scared to ask.
  41. Jesus tells them to be first by being last and being like a child.
  42. Jesus teaches: Don’t stop those who are for us.
  43. Jesus teaches: Don’t cause a little one to sin or else you will be destroyed.
  44. Jesus teaches: Fight sin or go to hell.
  45. Jesus teaches: marriage is permanent on earth.
  46. Jesus touches and spends time with children and teaches a lesson to the disciples.
  47. Jesus teaches: on wealth and inheriting eternal life by selling all to follow him.
  48. Jesus tells of his death and resurrection a third time.
  49. James and John ask to sit in the prominent spots. Jesus teaches on serving others by his example of his giving his life.
  50. Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus because of his faith and Bartimaeus follows Jesus on the way.
  51. Jesus enters the temple with the triumphal entry.
  52. Jesus curses a fig tree.
  53. Jesus cleanses the temple and provoked the scribes and chief priests against him.
  54. The fig tree withered and is used as an object lesson for faith in God.
  55. Jesus authority questioned.
  56. Jesus teaches a parable of tenants to expose the religious leaders
  57. Jesus answers a challenge about taxes
  58. Jesus answers a challenge about the resurrection
  59. Jesus answers a challenge about the greatest command
  60. Jesus points to his superiority over David
  61. Jesus warns to beware of the scribes’ hypocrisy.
  62. Jesus commends the poor widow for her offering.
  63. Jesus predicts the destruction of the temple, warns people to endure to the end, and speaks of the intense tribulation.
  64. Jesus predicts his second coming and that the signs will show when he is near.
  65. The chief priests and scribes plot to kill Jesus
  66. Jesus is anointed for burial and he scolds his disciples
  67. Judas decides to betray Jesus.
  68. Jesus has Passover with the 12 and tells them 1 will betray him.
  69. They do the Lord’s Supper.
  70. Jesus tells them they’ll abandon him. He even uses Scripture! Peter rebukes Jesus. Jesus rebukes Peter.
  71. Jesus prays in Gethsemane and struggles with the task at hand.
  72. Judas leads the crowd to Jesus to arrest him.
  73. A young naked man ran away.
  74. Jesus before the chief priests, elders, and scribes council and they couldn’t find good evidence against him.
  75. They charge Jesus with blasphemy deserving of death, and they beat him.
  76. Peter denies Jesus thrice, the rooster crows twice.
  77. Jesus is delivered over to Pilate. Pilate was amazed at Jesus silence.
  78. Pilate gives in, releases Barabbas, and delivers Jesus to be crucified.
  79. The soldiers mock him, beat him, and stripped him. Then they led him out to crucify him.
  80. They brought him to the place of the skull and crucified him dividing his clothes.
  81. Jesus was crucified and continually mocked at 9am on Friday morning.
  82. Darkness covered over the whole land at 12pm. At 3pm Jesus cries out, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”
  83. At 3pm Jesus dies. Women who supported him were looking on. The centurion was amazed and confessed Jesus was the Son of God.
  84. Joseph buries Jesus and seals it with a stone.
  85. On that Sunday, they go to the empty tomb and Jesus body is gone. An angel tells them Jesus rose and to see him in Galilee just like he told them.
  86. They went out, fled, amazed, and afraid without saying anything to anyone.

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