Two blessings from the park where I live and serve

Two blessings from the park where I live and serve…

1.  A family that God allowed me to befriend in our area by coaching their son said they are visiting our church on 9/5.  That’s after about a year of knowing them and coaching their son last summer for a few weeks and keeping up the relationship.  I praise God he used my brother to connect with them at our church picnic and that they said they’d come to our church.

2.  I had a conversation with a kid I met over 20 months ago.  He’s 12 years old now and one of the best kid ballers at our park.  This kid dropped 47 points on the team I coached in the opener of our summer league and 30 on us in the championship.  Here’s our conversation:

Baller Kid (BK): Hey PJ, what religion is your church?
Me: Walk with me to the car, I have to get the bat for the pinata for our picnic.  We are a Christian Church.
BK: I’m a Christian too.  (Note: I had no idea he was a professing Christian up to this point).
Me: What church do you go to?
BK: I don’t really go a lot, but I’ve went to ______ church and sometimes _____ church.
Me: So who is Jesus then?
BK: What?
Me: What do you know about Jesus?  What have you learned about him from church?
BK: He died for us.
Me: Is he still dead?
BK: No.  He rose on the third day.
Me: Do you know what ethnicity Jesus was?
BK: What’s “ethnicity”?
Me: Do know what nationality Jesus was?  Was he white or black or Filipino…
BK: Wasn’t he Jerusalem?
Me: He was Jewish.  He was Israeli.  Why did he have to die for us?
BK: He died for our sins.
Me: Do you sin?
BK: No.  (Thinking…) I sin sometimes.
Me: Me too.  That’s why we need Jesus.
BK: But I repent when I sin.
(End of topic)

So after knowing and praying for this kid, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he did know a lot of the basic truths about Jesus.  He knew Jesus death for us in our sin, Jesus resurrection from death, that he himself sins, and that he should repent when he sins.  That’s pretty good.  I don’t know if he knows the Lordship of Christ or if he really values him as his treasure.  I am glad to know that he knows he should repent when he sins and that Jesus died for sin and rose.  I’m thankful that there are churches and Christians in LA that are teaching others truths about the Lord Jesus.

In future conversations, I want to probe and see if he loves Jesus more than basketball, if he really believe he actually rose from the dead, if he understands why sin is such a big deal, and if he knows what would happen if Jesus never came, lived, died, and rose again.  Please pray to the end that this neighbor of mine whom I love will not only know conceptually, but know experientially, the glory of Jesus Christ.


About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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