Mohler on cremation and burial

Mohler on cremation this week on Ask Anything Wednesday (the last question of the show):

Just remember that in the Bible, every form of the destruction of the body is considered allied with idolatry and paganism.  Now we are told in the Bible that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Now God can raise up our bodies in the day of resurrection from the ashes, from atoms and molecules that have dissolved into the sea, but it’s a matter of reverence for the body.  The Bible would have us, very clearly to understand, a responsibility to revere the body out of respect.  Because, after all, it is what God has created.  It is a very central part of who we are.  We do not know ourselves apart from that body, and thus whether it is preparation for our own death or dealing with the death of a loved one, out of respect, not only for the loved one but also for the Creator who made him or her, burial is far to be preferred.  It is a Christian practice for good reason.  Venerable tradition? Yes, but based upon an understanding of humanity as made in the image of God and the body as being of theological significance.  If the body is of theological significance then desecrating it, burning it, reducing it to ashes is the wrong picture… All you have to do is look at calcified remains and recognize that they are not recognizably human.  That ought to tell us something as to why Christians have understood that burial is far superior to cremation.  Because even in the decaying state, it is still recognizably human. It is a promise of a resurrection that is yet to come.


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