Insight (on Mission) from John Piper’s book “Brothers We are NOT Professionals!” part 2

I’m reflecting on some insights that impacted me afresh from my second reading through John Piper’s book to pastors, Brothers, We are NOT Professionals. (To read part 1, click here.)

Frontier Mission: The scarcity of Paul-type missionaries has been obscured by the quantity of Timothy-type missionaries.  A Timothy-type missionary is domestic ministry.  Paul-type mission is frontier mission.  Piper explains:

By domestic ministry I mean the call to live out the love and justice of Jesus in our own culture: taking up, for example, the issues of evangelism, poverty, medical care, unemployment, hunger, abortion, unwed mothers, runaway kids, pornography, family disintegration, child abuse, divorce, hygiene, education at all levels, drug abuse and alcoholism, environmental concerns, crime, prison reform, moral abuses in the media and business and politics, etc. In general, being salt and light at all levels of society in our own culture… Frontier missions is the effort of the church to penetrate an unreached people with the “gospel of the kingdom” and establish there an ongoing indigenous church which will apply the love and justice of Christ to that culture (193).

This impacts me because as we’ve planted CrossView Church and seek to send out another church planting team by 2012 to another place in Los Angeles, we haven’t been intentional in making frontier mission the heartbeat and priority that it has in the great commission and the rest of the New Testament.  This is a serious error in my pastoral leadership as I seek to pastor under the Chief Pastor Jesus Christ.  Even our giving is not intentionally given to the frontier mission.  We give a portion to the cooperative program of our denomination from which an even smaller portion is given to frontier mission, and we set aside another portion of our money for Timothy-type mission with domestic church planting.  Starting with me personally, then my family, then our church, I need to treasure the frontier mission with my prayer, time, and money.  And then I need to teach and lead our church to consider the truths of this responsibility for our church.

For our church this will mean taking action.  The possible actions that come to my mind are:

  1. Go to and identify a people group to pray for.  I’ve identified the Maranao people for prayer for the time being.  I should also encourage the church to pray for this people group.
  2. Look into the “adopt-a-people-group” program.
  3. Identify a frontier missionary who may need prayer and encouragement from an church in the U.S.  We could go through the International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).  I’ve contacted the IMB but they have not gotten back to me since I’ve emailed them.
  4. Appoint a member to be a point person in keeping in touch with a frontier missionary we’re praying for, supplying needs to, and visiting if we have opportunity.  Or maybe appoint a member to look into researching #2-3 on this list.
  5. Have some members read through Let The Nations Be Glad! by John Piper or some other mission book.  This DVD on missions by Piper may also be useful for our church to use in mission small groups or in a bible study.
  6. Read through this 9Marks E-journal on missions and then pass out specific articles to move the church in discussing and thinking along a certain line.
  7. Give a mission sermon at church or a sermon series.  Or schedule an annual mission conference for our church.

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for our church being more intentional in frontier mission or me leading the church better as an undershepherd of the Chief Shepherd Jesus?


About pjtibayan

I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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3 Responses to Insight (on Mission) from John Piper’s book “Brothers We are NOT Professionals!” part 2

  1. letusfollowhim says:

    Im a youth leader at a small church in NC… we just started highlighting a missionary per week. One of our teens takes that family/person’s prayer letter and gives a report on what’s happening. I feel that it is helping establish a personal connection between our youth group and the missionaries on the field. Im sure something similar would work on a church-body scale as well.

  2. pjtibayan says:

    Thanks letusfollowhim for your input. We may try something like that!

  3. bartosik says:

    its been a year but for me its new 🙂 i think i will go out and get this book- thanks for your recommendation!

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