Bible reading plans for 2010 and beyond

It is vitally important to a Christian’s health and growth that he/she reads through the whole of the Bible regularly.  This can be done once a year, once every two years, or even more.  The point I want to make is that Christians should be intentional in reading through the whole Bible to let God give you the sweep of what he wanted to communicate to you through the Scriptures which is more than can be mastered by any one person in one’s lifetime.  But the challenge isn’t so much to master the Bible as to have God and his word master you.  You should have a Bible reading plan.  (Click here for other reasons why you should read the Bible).

Here are a few reading plans you can look at.

Tim Chester’s flexible reading plan that goes past a year taking lots of pressure off to finish:

The Edge Network Weekly Bible Reading Plan

1. Flexibility
The plan specifies a number of chapters for each week rather than for each day. This makes it more flexible. You can read a chapter or two each day or you can read it in two or three sittings. Or you can set out reading a chapter a day and then catch up at the weekend. It means it fits more readily around people’s lifestyle.

2. Communal
It is designed to be followed with a partner or among a group of people. There is only one section each week (occasionally two shorter books). So you don’t have to read a section from one book and then a section from another book each day. It means the sections are somewhat uneven, but it makes it easy to discuss what you have been reading when you meet up with other people.

We’ve been using it for a year now and it works very well in this way. I meet up with a friend each week for lunch. It’s easy for us to discuss what we’ve been reading because there is only one Bible book to focus on.

It also means I only need look at the Bible plan once a week – I don’t need to refer to it each day.

3. Realistic
Following this plan you read the OT in three years and the NT twice in three years. This works out at about nine chapters a week. It means you are not rushing through what you are reading to ‘get it done’. I’ve found with other plans I tend to read it with my mind disengaged. This plan gives time to meditate on the passage.

There is also a version in the document in which you cover the OT once and the NT twice in two years = about 16 chapters a week.

4. Balanced
The plan balances OT history, prophecy, wisdom, Gospel and Epistles throughout the year. You move between genres so you’re never faced with reading OT prophecy continuously for six months.

The Edge Network Weekly Bible Reading Plan

Here’s the reading plan I’ve used for a while now.   D.A. Carson’s two volumes that accompany this reading are online for free: For the Love of God (vol. 1 | vol. 2).

ESV has some different reading plans described.

Bible reading plan for shirkers and slackers.

13 reading plans from

Whole Bible in a year
Old Testament in a year
New Testament in a year
Old Testament in two years
Words of Jesus 4 times in a year
Whole Bible chronologically in a year
Whole Bible chronologically in a year #2
New Testament Letters 3 times in a year
New Testament & Proverbs twice, Psalms once in a year
New Testament & Psalms twice, rest of Bible once in a year
Proverbs in a month
Gospels in a month
Psalms in a month


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5 Responses to Bible reading plans for 2010 and beyond

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  2. Derek says:

    Thanks for posting these valuable resources. I am seeking to jump back into a bible reading plan after meandering for a couple of years. I believe that the second link to D.A. Carson’s devotional appears to target another of his works: The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God. Can you correct this? Thanks.

  3. Derek says:

    PJ, I put Google to work (searched on: ? love of god) and the correct url for Vol 2 of The Love of God is:

  4. pjtibayan says:

    Fixed it. Thanks! And Happy New Year Derek.

  5. Aaron David says:

    What about The Spirit’s plan? “Lord, how shall I pray?” “Father, what is Your Word for me today?” What if your plan has you in Galatians when you need instruction in warfare way back in Deuteronomy? You might not get there for 9 months. If I remember right the prayer goes ; “Give us this day our daily bread.” Right? Apparently God Himself serves us His Word on a daily basis. Besides, Jesus warned us against anyone who says “Christ is over here.” After enough affliction by folly I have learned to take Christ’s warnings very gravely to heart.
    The lesson is also in Deuteronomy regarding the 12 spies. God said, “Go claim the land..” but they wanted to send men before them instead of believing God. The prohetic concerning Christ’s church therin is another topic. Just consider Christ’s titles and believe that He fulfills each of them actively to this very day. He is our source for all things, not any plan formulated by any other. We are instructed to rightfully divide His Word. Implied therin is that it can be done wrongly.
    Stay in His Word, hunger for it, but let Him guide you. God’s Word is alive and is no dead, linear novel written by man. Just let it really sink in that the God of everything is personally involved in your life, just how awsome that is, and you’ll start arranging your days around time with Him and not the other way around. If you choose to adhere to one of these plans then I admonish you to also ask God in His Holy Spirit what He has for you as well. It will become readily apparent to you why He is called The Great Teacher. Also, our enemy is the lord of the systems of the world. I admonish all to simply avoid systems of any kind, you will find none in Scripture. Not one 5 step plan. Not one method to salvation. Just a whole lot of Jesus doing everything we can’t for us.


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