Mark Dever’s advice to first and last year college students

Mark Dever had a Q & A session at Boyce College recently.

Advice to first year college students: “You need to realize you’re arrogant. Not because you’re a first year student but because you’re a human being who’s fallen. Even if you’re redeemed you’re still fallen. Ok? You’re not glorified yet. Got that straight? That’s important. Now, you need to realize that that means you need people and that doesn’t mean just your friends here. Right? Even the Gentile Pagans have friends. No, you need to be in a local church that’s healthy and it preaches the Word. The church is far more important than any school you will ever go to. So you need to get in a local church, join it, officially be a member, put yourself under the authority of the elders in that church. They will watch over your soul as men who must give an account to God, Hebrews chapter 13.”

Advice to last year college students: “You are arrogant… Not because you’re in your final year but because you’re a fallen child of Adam. Even if you are redeemed, you’re still fallen. Alright? You know you’re not in glory yet. You’re not glorified. So you need to be in a local church. You need to be in a healthy local church. You are making life decisions that you are not competent, you are not made by yourself to make. You’re meant to be in a community of faith where your character is known, your gifts are understood, where they can give you good counsel and direction so get in a local healthy church. Spend this final year in school in a healthy local church as an official member of there.”

You can listen to the whole Q&A session here.


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