Jeff Vanderstelt’s simple definition of the church and a thought

Jeff writes:

The Church is God’s People (who we are) saved by God’s Power (what He has done and is doing) for God’s Purposes (the good works he created us in Jesus Christ to do).

Read the whole thing because his set up for that definition is really good.  I don’t know if Jeff wrote this post in response to my question (see comment #3), but the defining of what a church is is very important to me as a pastor of a new church.  It defines who we are and what we’re continuing to grow in being and doing.  His old definition of “church” that I heard in some audio teaching of his (which I’ll never find because I’ve listened to almost everything on ecclesiology from him that I could get my hands on) was: “A gospel people who believe the gospel, who are a formed community around the gospel, and who demonstrate the gospel in everyday ways of life so that the world might know that the Father sent the Son.”  I post several definitions of what a church is by some people here because it significantly effects how we pastor and plant churches.

I appreciate Jeff’s ministry and have learned a ton from him.  I raise this question to his definition not as a critic who questions for the sake of criticism but as a student trying to figure out if my definition of church needs to change for the good of CrossView Church where I’ve been called to lead.  My question to Jeff regarding this definition is, “Does this define the local church as well?”  Maybe in the details and complexities, which Jeff intentionally and wisely left out for the sake of brevity and clarity I assume, there is help to distinguish between two Christians being friends, and being in the same church, and a distinction which clarifies when we’re two Christian brothers from two distinct churches. an


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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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One Response to Jeff Vanderstelt’s simple definition of the church and a thought

  1. fran sherwood says:

    READ pagan christianity then get back to me.

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