Mark Dever on a successful church.

Mark Dever writes (emphases mine):

In such a day, we must re-hear the Bible and re-imagine the concept of successful ministry not as necessarily immediately fruitful but as demonstrably faithful to God’s Word.

We need a new model for the church. Actually, the model we need is an old one. We need churches in which the key indicator of success is not evident results but persevering biblical faithfulness. This new (old) model of the church focuses on two basic needs in our churches: the preaching of the message and the leading of disciples. The first five “marks of a healthy church” (expositional preaching, biblical theology, a biblical understanding of the Gospel, a biblical understanding of conversion, and a biblical understanding of evangelism) all reflect the concern to preach rightly the Word of God. The last four marks (church membership, church discipline, a concern for discipleship and growth, and church leadership) address the problem of how to rightly administer the borders and markers of Christian identity, i.e., how to lead disciples.

So this model of church can be called a preaching-discipleship model.  The church is to preach, teach, guard, and propogate the gospel message.  The church is to nurture, hold accountable, and provide leadership to disciples.  It’s that simple and clear.  So the priorities of a pastor derived from this would be teach and preach the gospel and its supporting biblical truths and disciple people.  Mark Dever would say: preach, pray, personally disciple people, and be patient.


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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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