Jeff Vanderstelt describing Missional/Gospel Communities

According to Jeff Vanderstelt and Soma Communities (Session 4 pp. 1-2):

A Missional Community is not primarily:

  • A small group
  • A bible study
  • A support group
  • A social activist group
  • A weekly meeting

Missional communities direction:

  1. Have a clearly defined mission
  2. Eventually led by shared leadership
  3. In submission to a church elder/pastor which would include oversight, coaching and connection to ongoing development tools and resources
  4. They would be an accurate and effective display and declaration of the gospel to a people or culture that needs to experience the Good News of Jesus Christ
  5. They would live out the reality of being the Church together as they walk through life together and live out mission together.
  6. They would raise up indigenous leaders who would birth new missional communities in the specific area or people group that is the identified mission.
  7. This would all lead to the development of a new church and biblical qualified elders being appointed to lead and oversee the church.

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