Lebron James diminishes his greatness by trying foolishly to protect it

Picture taken from here (HT: Dan Steinberg)

It is absolutely horrible that Lebron James, who was one of the players I liked most in the NBA would do another thing that shows his pride and self-centeredness.  I must remind myself that as a human sinner, though saved by the grace of Christ and learning to walk in humility, that my wife can point out continuous displays of pride and self-centeredness in my life that I have to repent from and grow out of as I continue to live for Christ.  That being said, I must also say that this story about Lebron and Nike confiscating videos of him getting dunked on is immature and displays Lebron’s idolatrous desire to protect his image.  Read the story here.

CJ Mahaney would use this story as an opportunity to point out pride, arrogance, and selfishness.

This applies to watching a game as well. So as Chad and I watch the [March Madness] tournament, I will draw his attention to any evidence of humility or unselfishness I observe, as well as any expression of arrogance or selfishness. I will celebrate the former and ridicule the latter. I don’t just watch the game with Chad; I seize it as a teaching moment to equip him with discernment about true greatness in the eyes of God (read the whole post here).

In an attempt to protect Lebron’s greatness before men, he diminishes his greatness before God by being proud and arrogant rather than humbling himself, laughing at the fact that he (like all basketball greats) get dunked on, and moving on in life.  Ironically, in trying to protect his image of greatness before men he did not only display a lack of greatness before God, but also before men (as I wathched the ESPN report and read it on a few news sites).

I’m not saying Lebron needs to act like a Christian if he isn’t one, but it still is a display of pride and I’m saddened because I really like Lebron more than Kobe as a personality and think he is now a better player (though I’m a Laker fan and therefore will always want Kobe as a Laker to do better than all other NBA players).

[For the Kobe haters out there, I know Kobe is arrogant too, but this story and post is about Lebron.]


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