Is the Multi-site Church good or bad? Think it through.

If you could only read one, read Jonathan Leeman’s, “Theological Critique of Multi-Site: Leadership is the Church.”

Here’s the PDF.

See my thoughts on multi-site churches here: Multi-site church campuses; Russ Moore on multi-site churches; Driscoll’s Defense of Multi-site church ministry; observation #1 on Driscoll’s defense; observation #2 on Driscoll’s defense.


9Marks AuthorTheological Defense of Multi-Site
A seminary professor examines the multi-site phenomenon and offers a biblical, theological, historical, and missional argument for the multi-site church.
By Gregg R. Allison

9Marks AuthorA Pastor Defends His Multi-Site Church
A multi-site pastor provides a biblical, practical, and pastoral defense of his multi-site church.
By J.D. Greear


9Marks AuthorWhat Is this Thing, Anyway? A Multi-Site Taxonomy
Can multi-site churches be congregational? What kind of polity does a multi-site church have?
By Greg Gilbert

9Marks AuthorHave We Ever Seen This Before? Multi-Site Precedents
Another seminary professor looks for multi-site churches before 1980. Here’s what he finds.
By John S. Hammett

9Marks AuthorRichard Baxter and the Multi-Site Movement
What’s Richard Baxter’s problem with the multi-site church? One word: shepherding.
By Jeffery Riddle

9Marks AuthorClouds on the Horizon
A multi-site pastor weighs in on the current state of the multi-site conversation and raises concerns about the future of multi-site churches.
By Matt Chandler


9Marks AuthorNine Reasons I Don’t Like Multi-site Churches, from a Guy Who Should
A young, tech-savvy seminary professor explains why he’s not getting on board the multi-site revolution.
By Thomas White

9Marks AuthorExegetical Critique of Multi-Site: Disassembling the Church?
A pastor-scholar weighs the exegetical arguments in favor of the multi-site church and finds them wanting.
By Grant Gaines

9Marks AuthorTheological Critique of Multi-Site: Leadership Is the Church
The local church on earth is constituted by a gathering of Christians, which means the multi-site and multi-service “church” is not a church, but an association of churches.
By Jonathan Leeman

9Marks AuthorHistorical Critique of Multi-Site: Not Over My Dead Body
Regardless of the fact that multi-site churches haven’t existed for most of the past four hundred years, historic Congregationalists and Baptists have a lot to say against them.
By Bobby Jamieson

9Marks AuthorThe Alternative to Multi-Site: Why Don’t We Plant?
The multi-site church phenomenon looks like a capitulation to consumeristic culture. We should plant instead.
By Jonathan Leeman

Click here to see the whole journal with book reviews (html|pdf).


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