Should Churches celebrate the Lord’s Supper every week?

Jim Hamilton thinks so, and I think I agree:

So here’s my reconstruction: in the earliest days after Pentecost, the church celebrated the Lord’s supper daily, in conjunction (probably) with their evening meal. And who wouldn’t want to celebrate it every day! Imagine the enthusiasm of the wonder of the resurrection, the rushing wind, and the thousands converted. . . As the days and years passed, things stabilized and the church began to take the Lord’s supper in conjunction with the meal they shared together in the evening on the Lord’s day. I would suggest that Acts 20:7 (with 1 Cor 10:16; 11:23–24) indicates that the celebration of the Lord’s supper was central to the early Christian gatherings—look at it again: “On the first day of the week, when we gathered to break bread . . .” (Acts 20:7). They gathered to break bread (Paul also preached all night, so the gathering probably started in the evening, 20:7–11), and the gathering happened on the first day of the week…

Some object that taking the Lord’s supper every week will demean its significance. I think boring preaching and bad music demeans the significance of preaching and singing, but most Baptists churches take the risk and have preaching and singing every week. So I don’t think this argument that taking the Lord’s supper every week will make it dull is either convincing or significant. We should take the same steps to keep the Lord’s supper from becoming rote that we (should) take to keep the preaching from being boring or the music from being bad.

Read the whole thing.  What do you think?

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1 Response to Should Churches celebrate the Lord’s Supper every week?

  1. couragetotremble says:

    I agree too. Whatever its blessings are, whatever we declare by participating, whatever self examination is required, whatever we remember of our Lord, I want all these more often.
    At the same time, I am learning to rest on God about things like this that I cannot change.

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