Download ESV Bible mp3 files for free to memorize/meditate!

Updated note from the ESV Team:

It was recently brought to our attention that several online
venues have told their readers how to download the audio ESV Bible free
via our website. Most of these postings have mentioned this method as a
means to instruct men and women so that they are better equipped to
memorize and meditate on the word of God. We appreciate the intent of
these posts and are encouraged to hear how the Lord graciously ministers
through us to equip and edify His people.

With that said, however, the intent of this letter is to inform
you that copyright restrictions do not permit anyone to possess more
than 250 free, downloaded verses of the audio ESV Bible. Downloading an
entire book of the Bible, even if it is less than 250 verses is also
inadmissible. Our full audio copyright policy can be obtained online at or by calling our customer
service department at 1-800-543-1659.  We ask that anyone who has
downloaded a portion outside the scope of this release dispose of the
necessary files. For those that have informed others of this method,
whether through electronic or traditional forms of communication, we ask
that proper steps be taken to educate them of the actual copyright

We continue to encourage readers to download small portions of
the audio ESV for personal use. We hope that this remains a beneficial
method of hearing the Word- that lives may be changed and Christ more
highly esteemed.

The ESV Team

This is awesome! You can download mp3 audio for any passage of the ESV!

From the Weight of Glory blog:

And here’s the most amazing part: It’s free! If it were almost any other organization there would be a subscription fee or a download fee or a 1-month access fee, etc., etc.  Thank you to the good people at Crossway and the English Standard Version!

(HT: JT)


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8 Responses to Download ESV Bible mp3 files for free to memorize/meditate!

  1. Fred Mark says:

    Hello.I want to download ESV. please help.ty

  2. daniel norman says:

    Thanks, God Bless

  3. Michael says:

    Well, I had spent a lot of time and made it 1/2 way through the Old Testament…

    If i hadn’t searched for “esv mp3 download” on my Linux box…

    Thank you for posting this…

    I had not known it was illegal…

  4. Cheryl says:

    So now you are making even more money out of God’s word… how nice…You only had to make one copy of this online audio mp3 file which you could then make available to your brothers and sisters, but no, you must charge a lot of money and put people at risk from online thieves by making us pay for something God gave us…. yes you need to make a living, but why, out of His word? YOU DO NOT OWN HIS WORD.
    I repeat, you only had to do it once…. not like printing many books on paper and those sort of costs… so…

  5. geoff says:

    They don’t own the Word, you are correct – but they do own the audio files that the narrator said the words to.

  6. Lynn says:

    I am incredibly grateful to be able to listen through the Bible in a Year via the esv web-site. It will be a joy to pay for the mp3 to have the entire Bible with me when I’m away from my desk. Thank you, thank you for your generous gift to the Body.

  7. benny b says:

    Thanks brother! I was looking for free mp3’s to download for the purpose of memorizing since listening from the phone app has killed my data. Thought about texting/emailing you to see if you had any suggestions, but didn’t want to bother you. Ironically, doing a little search sent me to slavePJ!!! Praise the Lord!

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