Seven Things Scott Thomas would do differently as a church planter

If you’re a church planter, read the article.  Church planter, what would you add to that list?  I’ll try to reflect on one of these later today.


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2 Responses to Seven Things Scott Thomas would do differently as a church planter

  1. Albert Tsao says:

    I’m not a church planter nor an aspiring church planter, so there’s not much I can add, per se.

    However, I’ve been part of several church plants of varying degress of “success”, some interesting things he did NOT put down:

    1. Had a building
    2. Had a cool location
    3. Had the best worship leader
    4. Do better programs
    5. Do more evangelistic events
    6. Studied more and prepared better for the Sunday morning sermons.

    It seemed to me that Thomas focused and centered on the gospel. Once he got that right for himself, it was all about training others to train others about the gospel. All the rest of the stuff is easy after that. No need to worry about methodology or programs or coaxing people for mission. Get the gospel right, the rest will flow.

  2. martycauley says:

    Well done. Here is my list: I have 10 Tips from a Former Church Planter. I am encouraged since I learn far more from failure than I ever do from success!

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