Multi-site Observation #1: I Think Mark Driscoll Confuses “Church” and “Network of Churches”

To see Mark Driscoll’s defense of multi-site church go here. I’m interacting with his first two biblical reasons why a multi-site church is ok.

Driscoll confuses the idea of church and network.I doubt the assertion that many of the NT epistles were written to networks of churches.When it is written to more than one church, like Galatians, Paul uses the plural.When Paul writes to the Thessalonians and Corinthians (more than once to each), he uses the singular word “church.”So there are epistles originally written to networks of churches, but the words make that clear.In the Corinthian and Thessalonian epistles it can also be written to one local church, and I think that this is more plausible then Driscoll’s reading.When Paul is telling the church to deliver a man over to Satan was that a comment to one local congregation in the midst of a letter written to many congregations?I don’t think so.What Driscoll fails to point out is that the word church when used with a city is in the singular and when it refers to a region it is used in the plural.This may allow for his view of multi-site, but his 1st biblical reason for multi-site is an assertion based on the low probability of his reading of the NT church situation (low probability from a Baptist point of view and not a Presbyterian point of view).

Driscoll’s second biblical reason for multi-site fails to ground multi-site justification.The fact that there were letters “written generally to multiple churches within some sort of network of churchesbecause it is written to various local expressions/congregations” misses the point he is trying to establish.If it was written to “multiple churches” as Driscoll states, then it is not one church with many campuses but many churches with many campuses.Here he confuses again networks with churches.Driscoll appears to be reading “churches” as campuses and “network” as church on this point.


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