Mark Dever on Congregationalism and Elders

This wasn’t the point of his sermon today on gender roles in the church from 1 Tim. 2:9-15, but it was insightful for me as I am 96% convinced of congregationalism as the biblical form of church government.  I think I’ll be blogging about that in days to come, but here’s Mark’s quote for now:

We don’t think it’s best to call the church a democracy. We don’t think that’s how things work. We’re a congregational church but we don’t see the congregation so as much as ruling, not in that sense properly summarized as a democracy, but we see the whole congregation rather as finally adjudicating issues of doctrine and discipline. The elders lead, guide, or rule, always in subjection to the Word, and only with the continued approval of the congregation. Elders we see, in the next chapter [1 Tim. 3] teach and have authority.

You can here the whole sermon here.

If you want to read Mark’s thoughts on congregationalism, I’d start here. His most famous book, I think, regarding church matters is his book, Nine Marks of a Healthy Church.


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