Multi-site church campuses

I’ve been doing some thinking about multi-service and multi-site campus churches during my internship here at CHBC.  I still have to work through the issues, but Mark Driscoll will be presenting the argument for multi-site churches at an upcoming conferenceOne article says:

Mars Hill Church founder Mark Driscoll hopes to answer “the why” of multi-site churches – including why it’s biblical and historical – in a theological and apologetic discussion at the April event.

I hope to hear the audio message and think through the issues better from hearing Driscoll’s take since I’m hearing the argument for single-site single-service here at CHBC and it sounds right.


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I love Jesus Christ and live to share life and share Jesus together with First Southern Baptist Church of Bellflower primarily to Southeast Los Angeles County.
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6 Responses to Multi-site church campuses

  1. Blake White says:

    Thanks for pointing to this resource. I will be interested to hear it. I find it a little inconsistent for Acts 29 to be all about planting churches, yet Driscoll’s face is on screens all over the place. Southern recently had a panel discussion on this issue, but all of the profs were pro-multi-site, surprisingly. It may be on the website by now.

  2. Albert Tsao says:

    I guess I’ll chime in a little bit. I typed out a short response a couple of days ago, but I don’t know why it wouldn’t post.

    I don’t understand all this obsession with multi-siting. Maybe b/c I’m trying to get simpler with church (I’m reading Neil Cole’s Organic Church), rather than more complicated. It just seems to me like most churches/preachers/church planters don’t have to deal with the concept of multiple services or venues…they’re just too small. Until they figure out how to grow (hopefully through conversions) and reproduce leaders, this multi-siting thing is just a moot point. I guess if a church is thinking about multiple services/venues, that’s a good problem to have. Most planters that I know struggle to get “one” group of people together and find “one” place to meet.

    It just seems academic to me…

  3. pjtibayan says:


    I agree that it is a moot point and is simply academic for those who do not have a space problem in their meeting place. The conversation here is for those that do, which I think you’d agree, is not a moot point or academic but real, relevant, and not insignificant. I look forward to hearing what Mark Driscoll says.

  4. saedijr says:

    Thanks for giving us the information. I am so interested to hear and join the group which cares about the relevance of our faith in our modern world.

  5. Sometimes multi-site churches seem to be more about personality that functioning well. If a church is health you should have more than just one main teacher/preacher.

  6. Albert says:


    I agree. It is germane to many folks and to folks to which this would really matter. It’s a really, really nice problem to have. 🙂


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