New Don Carson MP3 – The Pastor as Son of the Heavenly Father

From the Desiring God blog:

Session 1: “The Pastor as Son of the Heavenly Father” – D. A. Carson

You can’t have a father without a son, nor a son without a father. Don Carson developed a biblical theology of this pair, “Father and Son,” by looking at four father-son motifs in the Bible.

1) The heavenly father and the nation of Israel as a son (Ex 4:18-26, esp v22).

2) God as the father of David and his line, the kings of Israel. (2 Samuel 7:1-17).

3) God as the father of all who believe.

After presenting these three points as preamble (a very long intro, he noted), Carson got to the main point of his message.

4) Pastors are sons of the heavenly father and brothers of the royal son.

(To see all the D. A. Carson sermons online for free that I could find, click here)


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